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Mon. May. 6th, 2019

Follow the Trail to Hand-Crafted Beverages

Nealy Corcoran

Each year, multiple breweries, wineries, and distilleries come together for the Craft Beverage Trail tour of the Chippewa Valley. The Trail Guide leads residents and visitors alike to experience beverages ...

Thu. May. 2nd, 2019

Festival on the River

Nealy Corcoran

River Prairie Festival brings on second annual bash

Mon. Apr. 22nd, 2019

Take a Peak: Hiking trails that offer Chippewa Valley high points

Nealy Corcoran, photos by Taylor Smith

As we spring into summer, slip on those hiking boots and head to the trail. Chippewa Valley is home to an abundance of meandering hiking trails that travel through the scenic beauty of northwestern Wisconsin ...

Thu. Mar. 21st, 2019

A Letter and a Legend

Nealy Corcoran

50 years later, Howard ‘Guitar’ Luedtke tracks down his inspiration

Thu. Jan. 10th, 2019

Good Guessers: Local Authors Publish New Thriller 'Paperclip'

Nealy Corcoran, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Long-time Chippewa Valley residents and local authors Dan Woll and Walter Rhein have released their newest novel, Paperclip. Published by Burning Bulb, the book is a thriller based on historical events such as MKUltra ...

Thu. Dec. 27th, 2018

Buck Up for the Birkie

Nealy Corcoran, photos by Andrea Paulseth

skiers from near and far gear up for North America’s largest cross-country race

Thu. Nov. 15th, 2018

Eau Claire Filmmaker’s Work Featured at Austin Film Festival

Nealy Corcoran

This year marked the 25th Anniversary of the Austin Film Festival. Founded in 1993, the festival was the first event of its kind and is recognized for bringing together all levels of screenwriting, filmmaking, and artists who use the language of film to tell a story.

Tue. Oct. 2nd, 2018

Volunteers Light Up Tower Ridge Ski Trails

Nealy Corcoran

As the warm September sun and days of drinking lemonade are replaced with crisp October mornings and apple cider, Volunteers from the Eau Claire Ski Striders club and Students from Chippewa Valley Technical College ...