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Mike Jacobsen


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FICTION: Opening the Dam

Winner, 7th Annual Volume One Fiction Contest

Katie Nolan, illustrated by Mike Jacobsen

“I remember oranges in the fruit basket and she remembers a wet washcloth draped over the faucet. We couldn’t tell you about the words”

FICTION: All I Ever Wanted

Winner, 1st Annual V1 Flash Fiction Contest

JoAnna Haugen, illustrated by Mike Jacobsen

"All I ever wanted was an African safari, a handful of red tulips on my birthday and an apartment floor that mopped itself."

FICTION: You Always Do This

Winner, 6th Annual Volume One Fiction Contest

Jamie Utphall, illustrated by Mike Jacobsen

In the quivering candlelight Malcolm looked across the table at Ana, whose black curls were piled in a mass on top of her head.

It's A Mystery

Volume One's 2008 Fiction Contest Winner

Jason Long, illustrated by Mike Jacobsen

When the transvestite reached the building, she-he leapt ballerina-like to a pipe on the wall.