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Eau Claire Teen Thrilled to Be Part of Kids From Wisconsin for a Second Summer

Marie Anthony, photos by Branden Nall

It’s not Panic! At The Disco’s “High Hopes” that draws attention. It’s the performers who glide and spin so effortlessly across the stage that it’s easy to forget that many of them are still in high school or just starting college. Since mid-May, these young adults have ...

Bubbling Up: Star Cup Opens Downtown Eau Claire Bubble Tea Shop

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The atmosphere of Star Cup’s new Barstow Street location is bright, modern, and sleek but still very welcoming. There’s even a seating area with lush, rounded armchairs to cozy into and sip your boba ...

The Magic of Childhood Captured on the Page

best friends tag-team on their first kids’ book: Magic in the Leaves

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Magic happens in small ways, and best friends of 40 years Jayne Fleming and Betsy Gerdes partnered together to bring a little bit of that magic into children’s lives with their new book, Magic in the Leaves.

Sound & Visuals at the Dabble Box

Eau Claire Library’s makerspace offers audiovisual tools

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Since the launch of the L.E. Phillips Memorial Public Library’s Dabble Box in 2017, two new additions are now available to expand the community’s creative horizons. Kids, teens, and adults now have access to sound and video kits.

Working in Tandem to Support Youth

faith-based mentorship program expands kids’ horizons

Marie Anthony

Together, Ashley and Jonny Stoll were active volunteers for The Lighthouse, a youth center in downtown Eau Claire, and Ashley’s passion for outreach and youth rekindled.

Pathways to Art

local artists find their way to ArtsWest 40 exhibition

Marie Anthony

One set off to be a nurse; one was a sociology professor; and one found art to be the truest expression of her life. Whether art became a part of their lives at first breath or whether it found them later ...

Childhood Magic

best friends tag-team on their first kids’ book

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It happens in the brittle snap of fiery autumn leaves, the glistening kiss of winter’s first blanket of snow, or the warm chuckles of forever friends. Magic happens in small ways, and best friends ...

A Play of Many Colors

EC Children’s Theatre produces rock ’n’ roll Bible-based musical

Marie Anthony

The pages were frail and, with every turn, carried the comforting scent of grandma and grandpa’s home. Snuggled together, in a twin bed, two small girls lost themselves – not in dreams of the night – but in the story ...

Wrapped up in the Process

Gorski takes home Best In Show at ArtsWest 39

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Shopping carts and rag rugs didn’t mean much to Paula Gorski as a young girl. It wasn’t until years later when she was alone in her studio that she realized just how much the seemingly inconsequential ...

Miles Ahead

EC rapper wants his mixtape to mean something

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

So where to begin? / It’s something within / Something of panic and trouble / I’m manic and double a mannequin’s struggle to grin. These lines are those of Phil Faucett, 22, also known as rap artist Miles Blvd ...

Facing Down Monsters

Eau Claire native explores his own experiences in fictionalized murder tale

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Monsters in the Hallway, released Oct. 27, is based on events from author Jim Kosmo’s childhood in Eau Claire in the 1950s and ’60s. The predominant storylines of his book open windows into his life ...

Sharing stories to help end bullying

New group formed to confront common, troubling problem

Marie Anthony

I struggled a lot with my own self confidence and feeling worth anything. Growing up, I endured a lot of bullying. I was called stupid. I was called ugly. I went through so much of it that I wanted to take my own life at the age of 16.

Video Game Nostalgia Leads to Father-Son Business

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Some people want their two front teeth for Christmas. Stuart Sandler of Eau Claire wanted a Pitfall! shadowbox. “I’m a child of the ’80s. I grew up during the height of Atari and Nintendo (the first NES), and I loved the game Pitfall,” he reminisced. “I wanted to be like David Crane, the guy who programmed the game.”

Cool Air, Fresh Art

let annual fall art tour ease you into autumn

Marie Anthony

For some, autumn’s arrival comes by way of the Pumpkin Spice Latte. For others, it’s the day they can comfortably pull of that fabulous pair of riding boots. While I’d be lying if I said I didn’t love ...

Hearing Our Heritage

UWEC oral history project records musical memories

Marie Anthony

My coffee hadn’t yet hit my bloodstream. I wasn’t fully prepared for such a fountain of energy at 8 on a Monday morning, but Dr. Daniel Ott’s enthusiasm was more of a boost than even Starbucks provides ...

Project SEARCH: Gaining Skills, Earning Successes

Project SEARCH helps young people with disabilities attain employment

Marie Anthony

I don’t even know this bright-eyed young woman, but every time I hear her squeal of joy and see the pride spill out of her between bursts of laughter, my heart tingles and I get that “I’m so happy for you, I could cry” lump in my throat.

Turn Your Eyes Toward the Skies

enjoy the wonders of the universe with the whole family

Marie Anthony

It’s 12:13am. In the space where Luc usually sleeps, I find his empty pillow. Six hours earlier, my husband left with two friends to head for Wyoming in hopes of catching the solar eclipse in its full glory. When it comes to our universe ...

The Right Bites

couple’s hand-made cheesecake delights eaters across Midwest

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

‘I’m up to my elbows in cheesecake batter,” George tells me, and a smile stretches across my face. Something about spending a Monday morning covered in cheesecake batter sounds absolutely glorious. For George Weimer, it’s how he spends a lot of his mornings at Dairyland Bakery in Menomonie ...

Choosing Inspiration

Fechner taps outsider art, UWEC education in show

Marie Anthony

‘Angels don’t descend from the heavens and whisper ideas into my ears,” explains artist Grace Fechner. For a writer struggling to explain Fechner’s work on paper – everything filling my mind seems too simple ...

Interlocking Lives

UWEC writing prof pens sweeping debut novel

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

She’s very different – the woman in the photo of faded navies and greys. She’s soft, yet strong, and elegant. She’s a far cry from the feisty woman I know. To me, she’s always been keener on denim and fishing caps than white ...

Let's Get Weird

unlikely hosts excel with podcast about strange topics

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I used to think I was weird. Then, I met Eric Johnson and Jodie Arnold. Five minutes into our conversation, I found myself feeling very “Classic Vanilla” to their “Urban Bourbon” sundae. And I’ll be completely honest with you all ...

Starr Search

EC native Hannah Starr has found herself through comedy

Marie Anthony

It was the year my sister and I learned to love liver, and Flintstones Push-Up Pops became more precious to us than two dollars left under our pillows by the Tooth Fairy. I remember that year; not because we lacked simple novelties ...

A Tasty Delivery

area meal kit delivery service focuses on local

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When I find myself unable to silence the noise that drowns out all reason, there is only one thing that gives me a sense of peace: my family … and tiny, edible pearls forming crooked smiles on sugar cookie Easter bunnies ...

Maintaining Mabel

beloved Menomonie arts center starts season, raises funds for roof

Marie Anthony, photos by Leah Dunbar

It was the kind of week that left me feeling like I was 6 years old watching my lost snow cone melt into the crevices of a steamy sidewalk. I so longed for any glimmer of reprieve. It came to me at 4:54 on Thursday afternoon ...

Sweet Release

acoustic duo Olive Sings finds joy in music

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

In the sleepy hours of day, Seth and Kayla’s words tugged at my heart. As the lyrics of “Sweet Release” continued, I felt my heart ache and dance all at once. I know – without a doubt – that Kayla Zoltak and Seth Gamble of Chippewa Falls ...

The Informalist Blends a Tasty Burger

EC restaurant’s entry in nationwide contest is mushroomy, beefy goodness

Marie Anthony

Sure, my husband looked cute in his beachy-cotton, navy T-shirt that accentuated the golden flecks of his hazel eyes. Even his whispy cowlick was adorable, but it wasn’t Luc that made me want to freeze frame ...

More Than a Trophy

Eau Claire native wins Tony for drama education

Marie Anthony

What did I get myself into? Suddenly, it hit me – like the Long Island Iced Tea that goes down so smoothly you swear you can handle “just one more” – and I was freaking out ...

Family Matters

first book in series focuses on one of four sisters

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sometimes it’s the seemingly small things - like the crisp pages of a new book - that are the biggest blessings in life. For me, Diana Peterson’s novel, Summer Breeze (part one of a four part series) was exactly ...

A Flair for Flavors: UWEC grad launches organic baking business

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

She doesn’t know it, but Leah Pronschinske saved my husband from enduring a full-on Jekyll and Hyde moment during our road trip to Washington State. We were 45 minutes outside of Billings, Montana, when we found ourselves camped on the side of I-90 ...

Pushing Through the Ceiling

sister trio LASKA grows and evolves on new album

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Something in their song, Creatures, pulled that memory out of the darkness. Try as I might, I couldn’t put it to sleep again. In the course of four and a half minutes I felt things that I forced myself to lock away ...

Masquerade-Style Jubilee Raises Funds for the Arts

Marie Anthony

Grab your feathers and your masks! It’s time for the Eau Claire Regional Arts Center’s Jubilee. This year – if you haven’t guessed – ECRAC’s annual fundraiser will take the form of a masquerade ball ...

Elegantly Simple

key concepts connect work of Milwaukee painter, Eau Claire photographer

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As I pored over paintings of quiet farms, I was taken back to my grandparents’ country home. Of the many memories nestled away in my heart, this is one that I’ll remember vividly for years to come ...

From Project Runway to March Madness

when you’re married to a superfan, sports are part of your life – whether you like it or not

Luc Anthony, Marie Anthony

I’ll be honest. This sports thing doesn’t come easy to me. My heart is happiest with Tim Gunn “make it work moments” and strawberry-peach margaritas. If two years ago someone told me there would come a day I’d be watching ...

Cheers to Oktoberfest

a beer-lovers' German cultural celebration in the heart of Chippewa Falls

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

I don’t know what it is, but there’s something about Oktoberfest that gives me the urge to throw on a dirndl. I’m pretty sure I could rock the Alpine cap as well (though that's not traditional for us German women) ...

Tuesday Blues-Day

Tuesday Night Blues returns and adds after hours jams

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Some of us regret the love we lost or the career we never pursued. Some of us just regret that entire pint of Ben & Jerry’s we ate last night. Me, I regret the fact that I have absolutely no musical ...

Engaging Young Readers

a new local book outlines ways to get reluctant readers enthusiastic about books

Marie Anthony

Rob Reid has devoted much of his career to helping teachers and parents understand the importance of reading in a child’s life, but it was on the drive home from Madison ...

Friendly Revolution

Christian music legend Smith and friends to play Zorn

Marie Anthony

I still remember that feeling. It was as if the sun was kissing my neck and slowly wrapping its warmth around my heart. Barely out of kindergarten, I couldn’t tell you what exactly gave me that sense ...

Corking Her Career

From the Vine owner wants to put wine bar in new hands

Marie Anthony, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Over the past six years, From The Vine has become so much more than a wine bar: It’s become a part of customers’ lives. FTV will always have a special place in my heart – not because it was the place that sparked my love of sweet reds ...