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Video: The Shouting Matches at Oxbeaux

Mike Paulus

In case you missed it, check out The Shouting Matches (Justin Vernon, Phil Cook, Jill Heinke Moen, and Brian Moen) opening up their set Thursday night (June 15) at The Oxbow Hotel ...

Rain Will Fall and Take It Away

on the river banks, below the streets, under the trees

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

You could call it a waterfall in that it’s literally falling water. But I told my kids to stay out of it all the same, especially the hole at the bottom where the water had collected into a milky puddle ...

Look for "If History Had Legs" Art Installation at Prex Claires (June 15)

Mike Paulus

Amongst other art installations around downtown Eau Claire on Thursday, June 15 – part of the freshly announced Eau Claire Public Arts Council launch, as well as the city's Prex Claires events leading up to the Eaux Claires Music at Arts Festival on Friday and Saturday, you'll find "If History Had Legs."

Eaux Claires 2017 Set Times

Mike Paulus

The Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival (June 16 & 17) announced their 2017 daily set times on Tuesday. Check them out below ...

Shrub Me the Wrong Way

What can one do when confronted with offensive hedgery?

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

When my wife and I moved into our little house on Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill, the place came with a few things in need of fixing up. The windows needed new paint. The attic needed extra insulation ...

Sweet Inspiration

Ramone’s Ice Cream Parlor opens in downtown Eau Claire

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

A cold, rainy, Wisconsin afternoon doesn’t sound like the ideal conditions for opening an ice cream shop. But on Saturday, May 20, despite her best efforts, not even Mother Nature could dampen the opening ...

Well, This Is Embarrassing

Mike Paulus

Google wanted to find out what words the people in each of our 50 glorious States of the Union have trouble spelling ...

Baroque On the Rise!

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The memorable Baroque sculpture from last year's Eaux Claires Music and Arts Festival now has a home alongside the Chippewa River in Eau Claire. Italian artist Edoardo Tresoldi's team ...

Is Eau Claire the “best small town” in Wisconsin?

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Here’s yet another internet list on which we find the fair city of Eau Claire. Thrillist’s recent rundown of THE BEST SMALL TOWN TO VISIT IN ALL 50 STATES explores America’s small towns as inexpensive travel destinations ...


running down some county fair flashbacks

Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

I can’t remember exactly why we ran across the carnival grounds that afternoon, but I doubt it was my idea. I rarely feel the need to travel faster than a light trot, yet there I was, chasing my cousins ...

Gust Cause

the answer is not blowing in the wind

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

One thing I didn’t expect when I moved into Eau Claire’s Eastside Hill neighborhood was all the wind. Because sometimes I can be kinda dumb. Maybe I should have expected things to be a little gustier when living in a place with “hill” right in the title ...

Jimmy John's Location to Open in Downtown Eau Claire

Mike Paulus, photos by Eric Christenson

Fans of Jimmy John's sub sandwiches should be happy to hear that local Jimmy John's franchisee Ray Thielbar plans to open a new location at 213 North Barstow Street in in downtown Eau Claire ...

The 5 People You Meet at a 4-Way Stop

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

All over the city, strange little pockets of insanity are nestled at the intersections of our fair roadways. Few of us seem to understand how to navigate these asphalt obstacles, making out our own rules as we go along ...

Woo's Pagoda Needs Help ... SOON

Mike Paulus, photos by Luong Huynh

It looks like the fabled 18-foot tall pagoda which used to adorn the now gone Woo's Pagoda restaurant on Hastings Way in Eau Claire needs a new storage facility by May 15 or ...

Grand Little Bridge

some things you may not think about when crossing the river

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

A patchy, crumbling concrete strip stretches from one side of the Chippewa River to the other. You can walk out on it, scuffling over loose pebbles as you go ...

Spotted in Eau Claire: Community Care Cabinet

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Check out this thoughtful "Community Care Cabinet" set up right outside Smiling Moose Deli across from the Downtown Eau Claire Farmers Market in Phoenix Park. A note on the door reads …

Minnesotans Are Loving Eau Claire for Weekend Getaways

Mike Paulus, photos by Janae Breunig

More and more, Eau Claire is listed and profiled by publications in Minnesota as a great place for a weekend getaway or a day trip. And now Eau Claire has a two-page spread in the April issue of Minnesota Monthly ...

Five Minutes of Feathery Fury

our goofy citywide pillow fight triumphantly returns!

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s dubbed a “celebration of foolishness,” but it’s no joke: A citywide pillow fight will really be held at 4pm Saturday, April 1, in the courtyard of The Oxbow Hotel ...

It Hit Her on the Head

a strange tale of Chinese food and minor head injury

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

What follows is the true story of one of the more bizarre and oddly poetic moments I have ever experienced in my entire life. It involves Chinese food.

Chop & Steele: Found Footage Festival Pranks Again

Mike Paulus

The latest gag puts both Prueher and Pickett on camera as strongman duo Chop & Steele, convincing morning news shows around the Midwest to book them, including our own WEAU ...

Feathery Fury! citywide pillow fight returns

Mike Paulus

’s dubbed a “celebration of foolishness,” but it’s no joke: A citywide pillow fight will really be held at 4pm Saturday, April 1, in the courtyard of the Oxbow Hotel, at the corner of Galloway and Barstow Streets ...

Once More to the Sledding Hill

winter’s not done with us, so I’m not done with it

Mike Paulus, design by Serena Wagner

You could reach down into it, your bare hand vanishing, leaving a perfect, almost cartoonish outline at the surface. Four fingers, a thumb, and your palm. It was icy and soft against your blushing skin ...

Uber Joins Lyft in Giving Eau Clairans a Ride

Mike Paulus

Not to be outdone by ride-sharing app Lyft, which expanded into Eau Claire just last week, rival service Uber is now also available right here in the city.

City Seeking Board Members for New Public Arts Council

Mike Paulus

Check out this press release from the organizers of a new Public Arts Council in Eau Claire, working to "enrich the lives of the residents of Eau Claire through the acquisition, preservation, and presentation of artworks in both the permanent collections and temporary exhibitions, and by ..."

Puddle Jump

learning from unexpected winter warmth

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

Here in February, the sun’s been pushing a cosmic blob of heat against Wisconsin like a sponge, scrubbing away much of the scuzzy snow and ice we’ve been tiptoeing around for weeks. It’s been melting away our cold wintry scowl, softening our cheeks into a smile ...

WATCH: Haymarket Plaza Concept Video

Mike Paulus

A week after releasing new concept images for the forthcoming Haymarket Plaza, planners have produced a video to match. Downtown Eau Claire Inc. posted it to their Facebook page Friday, Feb. 24. Check it out ...

Kalispell - Live at Hive Studio (Eau Claire)

Mike Paulus

As locals know, Shane Leonard has been playing and touring as a percussionist and multi-instrumentalist with several bands for the past few years like Field Report, The Stray Birds, and not to mention ...

NEW IMAGES: Haymarket Plaza Concept

Mike Paulus

Released Tuesday (2-14) during a work session following the Eau Claire City Council’s bi-weekly meeting, we can now check out concept renderings for the Haymarket Plaza which are far more official than anything we’ve seen before ...

Local Snow Carving Team Takes 4th National Title

Mike Paulus

The sculpture is amazing. It's a fantastic mix of artistic expression, intricate detail, and advanced technical voodoo. The sculpture's main feature is a life-sized, life-like dancer suspended from ...

The Facewash

walking with worry in the wintertime

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

I was in the second grade, and my walk home from school was often fraught with peril. Not real peril, but scary peril all the same. When I think about my current mental health, and when I take a good ...

Pushing Through

finding strength on a cold Wisconsin morning

Mike Paulus

There was the cold and there was the being late. I blame them both. Certainly, I can not blame myself for what happened ...

Black Ice & Other Problems

winter driving can be dangerous (because it’s dangerous)

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

I’m a little neurotic when it comes to driving long distances. I worry. I worry about how good of a driver I am. I worry about other drivers and mistakes they might make. I worry about animals ...

Serious Laughter

Twin Cities group to host ambitious comedy retreat in the Chippewa Valley

Mike Paulus

Speaking of the upcoming ComCon winter retreat, Allison Broeren says, “I’m excited to be a nerd with a bunch of other nerds. Spending time with people that are interested in comedy and writing and performing will be the best.”

Winter Clothes

you get a little more when you wear a little less

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

I hustle outside – without socks – wearing loose fitting shoes, a threadbare t-shirt, and what we as a society have collectively, wordlessly agreed to call “jammie pants.”

Chippewa Valley Writers Guild Offers Winter Retreat

Mike Paulus, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Chippewa Valley Writers Guild is back at it, starting off 2017 with a Winter Writer’s Weekend at The Oxbow Hotel in snowy downtown Eau Claire, Feb. 4-5. Guild director/UW-Eau Claire professor BJ Hollars says it’s a two-day retreat designed to help people create ...

Wreck the Halls

pretty sure Father Christmas doesn’t want us to do housework

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

Raise your hand if you’ve ever gotten totally stressed out over something as simple as Christmas decorations. I’m not talking to you people out there with 25 holiday-themed inflatable lawn ornaments surrounding your house like giant, poofy sentinels ...

LOOK: Chippewa Riverfront Project Takes Shape

Mike Paulus

Whoa! Take a look at the progress on the Chippewa Riverfront project in Chippewa Falls. This photo, taken December 1, provides a good look at the full scope of the project and the dramatic changes taking place ...

We Made a Downloadable Huebsch Site Plan So You Can Daydream

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Janae Breunig, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Even if you don’t own the property, we’re betting you have your own idea (or twenty) as to what should happen with one the city’s most interesting development properties ...

Like Out of Nowhere

remember when we forgot the feel of snow?

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

First it’s the dry, white flakes wisping around the sidewalk, icy crumbs gathering in the cracks. The sky is cold and colorless, but the snow, the first of the year, turns a boring afternoon in late autumn into something to talk about ...

Counting With Your Feet

losing the rhythm but staying on track

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

I used to count how many steps I took within each sidewalk panel. Because walking home from school was so boring. The counting became a chant inside my head, and sometimes this chant fell down into a whisper, tumbling from between my lips as if I’d stuffed too many sugar cubes into my mouth ...

Miss Direction

hey, not all those who wander are lost (almost)

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Beth Czech

My wife is so good with directions it frightens me. On the other hand, I’m so bad with directions it frightens her. If you were to superglue a blindfold onto my wife’s eyeballs, throw her into a helicopter, fly her into the heart of the Amazonian jungles ...

Halloween Scenes

stories of yore from Octobers in Eau Claire

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Serena Wagner

A boy in 1980s Eau Claire is so excited by his He-Man Halloween costume he can’t stop looking at it. It includes a stiff plastic mask with a thin elastic string tied around the back, with holes for each eye and each nostril ...