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The Weekly Shakedown

Mike Paulus

A whole bunch of cool stuff from last week's VolumeOne.org buffet of goodness.

Screaming Jet Engines

Mike Paulus

How many “Highway to the Danger Zone” references do you think we can pack into this post?

Running for the Borders

hitting the “non-local” book shop for some non-local fun

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Beth Czech

My family and I are struggling to live a “local life” just as much or more so than most people.

County Jail Strike Force Go!

Mike Paulus

Special Committee to Resolve Jail Space and Site Needs created to figure out all this crap.

The Weekly Shakedown

Mike Paulus

Check out a few highlights from the past week at VolumeOne.org …


Mike Paulus

Hey, if you're jonesing for some outdoor music this weekend, Menomonie's Wison Park has got you covered.

My First Internet

where it all started for me and the world wide web

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Ryan Carpentier

As a wise man named Al Pacino said in a stupid movie about lawyers and Satan (costarring Keanu .

Our Big New Website

Mike Paulus

So. Things look different around here at VolumeOne.org.


Mike Paulus

How 'bout you and your little monkey buddy pop some bloons?

Safety Concerns

some people actually worry about their personal safety around here

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Ryan Carpentier

We shouldn`t avoid thinking about this violence. We already live in a bit of a bubble ...

I Wish It Was Livelier

a newcomer`s one-sentence summary of downtown

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Ryan Carpentier

At one point he remarked, éDowntown`s nice, but I wish it was ... livelier."

Drama Downtown

why a downtown theater and Harrison Ford are a part of my childhood

Mike Paulus, illustrated by Beth Czech

Basically, I got into an R-rated movie before I was old enough.

4 Pint-Sized Vacations

a list of nearby weekend and day trips, perfect for any family looking for fun

Mike Paulus

This Deer's Life

animal and motorist lives collide in northwestern WI

Mike Paulus

On one side, people will vehemently defend the deer, motivated by what I assume is a love of furry animals and Bambi-themed bed sheets. On the other side, helpless-feeling drivers don’t want to be blamed for the incident.

To Fish or Not to Fish

maybe it’s time to climb back into the boat

Mike Paulus

I’m older now, and even though I could totally add a whole host of exciting factors to the ol’ fishing equation, like beer and adult conversation, I still have a hard time getting excited about fishing.

King of My Jungle

some unexpected practice in at-home varmint control

Mike Paulus

I slowly pulled out the drawer inch by inch, assuming that, at any moment, this mouse would bolt back out and launch into the air, its leprosy-coated claws akimbo, only to land upon my face and scratch off my lips.