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Express Alum Pitches Big-League No-Hitter

Luke Hoppe

Early in their history, the Eau Claire Express had back-to-back losing seasons in 2005 and 2006. The following year, however, brought a silver lining: Pitcher Jordan Zimmermann, who went 4-2 in 10 starts for the Express in 2006, became ...

The Millenium Brings Pop Punk Sound to ... America

Luke Hoppe

In February, The Millenium released their album It’s So Much Friendlier With Two. Since then, the band has been hard at work honing their craft and touring around the U.S. They even recently released a new music video for their song ...

The Grass is Always Blue-er

back by popular demand, bluegrass festival rolls on

Luke Hoppe, photos by Frank H. Robinson

As many of you know already Eau Claire has part of the budding music scene here in Wisconsin since … well since The Joynt was a famous jazz club, if you really want to get technical, but only recently has reemerged as a blossoming area full of ...

Beer-Based Television

a new Eau Claire-based web series tackles beer culture from brewery to brewery

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When most people think of Wisconsin they think of cheese, cows, and drinking BEER. We’re not just good at drinking beer, of course: For generations, we’ve been masters at brewing it. It’s not just us Wisconsinites, either ...

It's Only Natural

Eau Claire duo creates unique jewelry from Amazonian elements

Luke Hoppe

Welcome to the jungle; we’ve got fun and games. Well maybe that should be “arts and crafts.”

Kept In Suspense

native writer publishes romantic mystery novel

Luke Hoppe

New Years Eve is a night to let go of the old and begin something new and fresh … or at least that is what western Wisconsin native (and UW-Eau Claire alumna) Ellen Parker wants you to believe in her new novel Starr Tree Farm ...

Blue Man Group sends band to Memorial High School

Luke Hoppe

One Eau Claire high school student received an amazing early graduation surprise. Sarah Leppert, a senior at Memorial High School, received tickets to performance from The Blue Man Group in the Twin Cities as a graduation gift, but the gift had a ...

Wisco-made business booming with online eats

Luke Hoppe

Several years ago a few entrepreneurs/UW-Madison graduates came up with an online business idea allowing people to order food from multiple restaurants through a single website. While they weren’t the first people to come up this idea, founders ...

New Eau Claire baseball park to open by next year?

Luke Hoppe

This week (as seen on WEAU TV-13), the Eau Claire community Foundation announced that it would begin construction on a large project for Jeffers Park, located on Eau Claire’s northwest side. The Chippewa Valley Homebuilders Association has ...

Wednesday: Confluence Project Panel Discussion

Luke Hoppe

As you have noticed, Confluence Project debate is really heating up as we head towards the April 1 ballot and its Confluence-related referendums. Regardless if you are for or against it, obviously, you should stay informed. With that said ...

Pinehurst Project receives largest donation to date

Luke Hoppe

Just last week the Pinehurst Project, a group of grassroots winter sport enthusiasts dedicated to reinventing Pinehurst Park on Delbert Rd., received their largest donation to date. The gift, valued at almost $11,000, was donated by Arthur “Gene” ...

1960s Stout garage band achieves collect-ability 50 years later

Luke Hoppe

Way back in 1966 the rock-n-roll scene was, well, rolling, with songs from The Monkees, The Association, and The Mamas and the Papas topping the charts. While that was going on, a lesser known band from Menominee was trying to hit stardom ...

The New Emancipation

world famous Abe Lincoln impersonator talks slavery

Luke Hoppe

You think Daniel Day Lewis was great as Abe Lincoln in Lincoln? He’s got nothing on Fritz Klein. Klein, an actor residing from Springfield, Ill., who has portrayed Abraham Lincoln for the better part of the last 20 years and has been featured ...

2014’s State of the City Address

Luke Hoppe

On February 11, City Council President Kerry Kincaid delivered Eau Claire's annual State of the City address. Kincaid emphasized the cooperation between the city and its citizens. In her remarks she praised many different cooperative efforts ...

Pinehurst Project swooshes forth

Luke Hoppe

Since last year, the slopes at the Pinehurst Park been in seemingly constant motion as the Pinehurst Project builds a better wintertime park for all ages to enjoy. In the fall, they began re-grading the hill to make it safer for sledders, tubers ...

Wisconsin’s Ice Caves

Luke Hoppe

Most of the Midwest can agree that this winter has been one of the harshest in recent memory; however, magical things happen when temperatures barely climb above zero. In one of the most northern points of Wisconsin there lies a small wintertime ...

Festival Eau Cinema

campus filmmaking contest turns to documentaries

Luke Hoppe

Over the past decade Eau Claire has been noted for having a booming arts scene. UW-Eau Claire (as well as other people and entities) has dedicated itself to making the Confluence Project happen, promoting the arts even more in the community ...

Fantastical Follow-Up

Luke Hoppe

In 2010 local author Travis Ludvigson released Yaré Darkness Bound, the first book in a three-part fantasy series, The Nephilim Chronicles. Now Ludvigson has unleashed the second book, Iron Song ...

Hang On to Your Hoods

Hurd’s latest music adds twists to traditional tale

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Although the Confluence Project has been dominating local art headlines lately, that doesn’t mean the Chippewa Valley art community has taken a rest. Karen Hurd, a major advocate for the ...

Getting Graphic

Eau Claire Comic Con caters to the genre fans

Luke Hoppe

As summer begins to wind down and students begin to fill the classrooms fear not, there is something to look forward to: the third annual Eau Claire Comic Con. So grab your favorite illustrated characters and go meet up with like-minded ...

In the Beginning

local author looks back at ancient religions in debut

Luke Hoppe

Almost 7,000 years ago humans were beginning to record their earliest beliefs and ideas for the first time; it was a momentous occasion. Flash forward to the present and enter John Mitchell, your average Joe (or John, I guess) from the fictional ...

Disturbing Images

UW-Stout grads create Hmong-language horror film

Luke Hoppe

The short film created by a team with ties to UW-Stout has all the hallmarks of an atmospheric Hollywood horror flick: a clock moving backwards, an empty cornfield, a blurred figure standing in the snow, and other dreamlike ...

The Puppet Masters

CVTG stages adult puppet show Avenue Q

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As we’re jumping into summer, CVTG will be bringing us a new, interesting show to accompany the season. Opening May 30 the Chippewa Valley Theatre Guild will be putting on the Tony award winning musical, Avenue Q. The show has also been noted ...

Tiny Soldiers Invade UW-Stout

Luke Hoppe

With the semester winding down and finals week approaching some students are doing a little more than studying to keep busy. Katherine Kenner, an art education major at UW Stout, has undertaken a very unique endeavor: creating more than 400 ...

Jump-Start 2013 is jump-starting now

Luke Hoppe

For over a decade Downtown Eau Claire, Inc. has been hosting the Jump-Start competition aimed at boosting business in the downtown area. Each year young entrepreneurs try their hand at constructing a solid business plan in hopes that they will win...

Lavatory giant hearts the arts

Luke Hoppe

Fantastic news for those Wisconsinites who have an affinity for the arts: the head of The Kohler Co., Herbert Kohler, happens to be a well-noted supporter of the arts. The Kohler Co. is based out ...

Local photographer documents Eau Claire’s aging Fire Station 10

Luke Hoppe

Built in 1949, Eau Claire’s Fire Station 10 has seen a lot of action. Travis Dewitz, a local photographer, still remembers the “safety green” fire engines bumbling down the road in his youth. In 1999, the city switched from the green color to standar

A Plus-Sized Egg Roll-Plus

popular Eau Claire eatery finally expands after 15 years of high demand

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth, Matt Meyer

In April of 1998, Bee Xiong opened Egg Roll-Plus, and it has since become one of Eau Claire’s hidden gems, voted 2nd Best Kept Secret in Volume One’s 2012 Best of the Chippewa Valley reader’s poll. The restaurant provides great Hmong, Thai ...

Do we suffer from Artcentricity?

Luke Hoppe

“Artcentricity” is the idea that certain people take art a little too far and begin to distance themselves from their community. As Doug Borwick, former President of the Board of Arts Administration Educators explains in a recent blog post ...

Status Updates

Go Social Experts offers social media management

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As the digital age continues to progress – with little sign of slowing down – new outlets for advertising and marketing begin to emerge. Social media has been the most recent beneficiary of this newfound business: Almost all major companies have ...

A Catwalk that Cares

fashion show to benefit local homeless shelter

Luke Hoppe

As of late Whiskeys Grill and Bar in Altoona has become a comedic hub, but comedy shows will be taking a back seat on Fat Tuesday when they team up with local stylist Bridgett Dohmen, as well as other local sponsors, and host Mardi Gras Mayhem ...

Savannah Smith Daytrotter session

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Singer/songwriter Savannah Smith seems to be marching towards the designation “local sensation.” Currently residing in the Minneapolis area, Smith still has a soft spot for home – poetically titling her EP Leaving Eau Claire, which was released ...

All Natural Poetry

local poet Jeannie Roberts to release new book

Luke Hoppe

Jeannie Roberts first got her inspiration for poetry at a young age. In middle school her interest grew considerably when one of her teachers helped make writing and the subject of English fun and interesting. From then on, Roberts made it her ...

Decades of NOTA

UWEC’s biannual lit/arts zine hits 40-year milestone

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

This month NOTA is celebrating its 40th anniversary. First starting in 1972 the biannual publication has come a long way from its inception. Once just a glorified newspaper leaflet it has now flourished into a National Print Awards Certificate of ...

Forging the Metal Scene

Eau Claire Uprising keeps the heads banging

Luke Hoppe

The metal scene has blossomed in recent months here in Eau Claire and a lot of that can be contributed to avid metal head Mitch Johnson. In January 2011 he founded Eau Claire Uprising, a local metal organization dedicated to promoting and ...

Cannibal Corpse on the Way

Luke Hoppe

Later this month the House of Rock is teaming up with True Endeavors, an event management company based out of Madison, WI, to put on one of the most face melting concerts in the Chippewa Valley this year. On Nov. 20 Cannibal Corpse will be ...

The Eats at Red Cedar

new eatery opens in former Creamery space

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

As you walk through the front doors of The Red Cedar Lodge, the scent of pine invites you to relax and forget your worries as the excellent staff takes care of you.

Armed Forces Mural Appears on Hastings

Luke Hoppe, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Several years ago Isabelle Bauer had a dream to expand her business, Northern Safari Army Navy (a store that sells military related items such as knives, clothes, etc.); that dream has now become reality. After moving into a larger commercial ...

Glimpse | Speaker to Address Reducing Prison Population

Luke Hoppe

On August 5, the Unitarian Universalist Congregation, partnering with JONAH (Joining our Neighbors Advancing Hope), will host a special summer service advocating for Wisconsin’s 11x15 campaign. (11x15 describes the dimensions of a jail cell in ...