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Graceful Transformation

Blue Swans flips heartbreak on its head through music

Eric Christenson, photos by Kyle Lehman

Heartbreak and low, low points in life have this graceful way of transforming into art that’s beautiful and real. Raw, relatable stuff. So many words and songs have been written in the depths of dark ...

On Record for Youth

studio owner aims to create mentorship program for kids

Parker Reed, photos by Kyle Lehman

Collaboration is key for an Eau Claire recording studio owner who is calling community members into action to benefit area youth. Kyle Culver owns Sprinter Studios, a recording studio nestled in downtown Eau Claire with aspirations aimed at ...

Let the Cats Out of the Bag

Whale House prepares to release debut album

Parker Reed, photos by Kyle Lehman

A decade-long musical brotherhood is ready to take the next step in its musical journey by offering up its largest collection of songs to date. Whale House is the local musical ...

Pulling No Punches

Eau Claire filmmaker delves into absurdist, comedic work

Lauren Fisher, photos by Kyle Lehman

“Basically, two girls rob a gas station … poorly.” That’s Eau Claire filmmaker Tim Schwagel’s synopsis of Punch Me, his biggest little film to date, starring Reanna Madson and Lauren May, with supporting ...