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Inspiration Through Art

national project taps local photographers to help families of ill children

Kelsey Swanson

Some of us wake every morning to the smile of a child, the heartbeat and center of our world. We take pictures, imagining a day years down the road when we can look back and remember that moment as they gazed into the camera with a look that will

New Show a Fusion of Photography and Watercolor

Kelsey Swanson

An artist working from photographs is not a new concept, but rarely is the final product exhibited with a snap-shot of the inspiration. Intended to illustrate how painters interpret their photo references, the Chippewa Valley Watercolor Artists...

Bringing Art Closer to Home

Kelsey Swanson

A historic home in Menomonie is now a house of art, thanks to local art enthusiast and commercial neon designer Cheryl Witt. Witt has taken the home on 1232 Douglas St. and opened a gallery where local artists will be shown an at-home appreciation.

More Like ArtsBEST!

annual juried show exhibits best of the Valley and beyond

Kelsey Swanson

Never let local talents go unacknowledged (and boy, do we really have it in this area). Now in its 32nd year, the annual ArtsWest juried show at the L.E. Phillips Memorial Library is about to be underway again, featuring a wide range of local artists

Urban Critters Focus of Art Exhibit/Concert

Kelsey Swanson

In a unique concerto, the Eau Claire Chamber Orchestra will team with a different kind of soloist. At the upcoming performance at Grace Lutheran Church on February 26 artist Joe Maurer will exhibit a small series of work featuring urban critters.

Banbury Art Crawl Returns

Banbury studio tour adds live entertainment, activities, food

Kelsey Swanson

For those who know, the Banbury Swan is more than just a work of art guarding the river. It marks a place of artistic gathering.

In-Residence Artist Making Sculpture for UWEC

Kelsey Swanson

nternationally renowned environmental installation artist Roy Staab has come to Eau Claire. As an artist-in-residence at the university, Staab has chosen a project that will draw attention to the natural beauty of the Chippewa River as it runs through the

Seeking Clearer Waters

students take pollution action on The Chip

Kelsey Swanson, photos by Liz Felder

While the intent of the university’s service learning requirements and First Year Experience classes is to get students out in the community, it is ultimately up to them to take the first step. This class, however, forces that step.

The Vision and the Word

local collaboration between art and creative writing returns

Kelsey Swanson

Since their conception of The Vision and the Word, every three or four years several area artists and poets develop artistic relationships where they talk, share, and create works through a union of their expressive media.

A Dark Art Show in the Chippewa Valley

Kelsey Swanson

Obscuritas 2010, a Dark Art Show in the Chippewa Valley, will be hosted at the Eagles Club in Chippewa Falls on Sept. 11 at 6pm.

Confluence of Art

juried show at The State has art from around Wisconsin

Kelsey Swanson

“Different situations and different places produce different art. We are looking to bring in new ideas for people that they may not usually get to view.”

Once Abarn a Time

local couple produces functional art from reclaimed wood

Kelsey Swanson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“Sometimes you just look at a scrap and think, ‘Wow, that would make a great table.’ So you build one. We just try and work with what we’ve got.”

Sculpture Exhibition Explores Female Viewpoint

Kelsey Swanson

Susan Sveda-Uncapher creates a small exhibition where a woman’s view of relationships is emphasized through conceptual sculptures offering open-interpretation.

What Lies Beneath

local writer inserts moral lesson into “adult fairytale”

Kelsey Swanson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For what is perceived by most as inappropriate subject matter, Finisterre seems to take erotica to a higher intellectual level, introducing a lyrical tale of open-mindedness.