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Across the Taylor Verse

Eau Claire’s poet laureate releases new work

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Bruce Taylor has been staring out the window since high school, translating beauty into language and extracting meaning from everyday sights. His eighth collection of poetry, The Longest You’ve Lived Anywhere, emerges as a product of years of ...

How to Make a Maze

designing, growing, and cutting the season’s favorite puzzle

Kinzy Janssen, photos by Cal McNeil

What is more inviting (and simultaneously ominous) than a field full of dry and raspy corn with an entrance cut into it? But well before those stalks turn yellow, the farmers who host corn mazes are preparing their blueprints. How does a maze ...

Fro-yo Explosion

two new frozen yogurt shops in Eau Claire

Kinzy Janssen

Eau Claire digestive tracts have two more options for scoring some good bacteria these days – and they say, bring it on! Cherry Berry recently opened at 2524 Golf Rd. in Eau Claire (across the parking lot from Burger King) and offers real dairy ...

How does Eau Claire bring in jobs?

eight ways we can - and do - entice companies

Kinzy Janssen

Play Up Natural Advantages We try to recruit industry that makes sense for the advantages we have in raw materials and natural resources: lots of food products and agricultural land. [Silver Spring is one such success]. We have lots ...