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Upcoming Art Cartel Even Benefits Humane Association

Kaitlyn Heisick

Love animals? Love art? Then come out to Racy’s on Saturday, September 24 for A Day for the Animals, an art event hosted by The Art Cartel and the Eau Claire County Humane Association.

Poetry Event Honors Release of Calendar

Kaitlyn Heisick

If you’re a Chippewa Valley poetry lover, we’ve finally got an event for you. The Harmony Corner Café is hosting a poetry reading on Friday, September 30 to celebrate the 26th anniversary of the Wisconsin Poets’ Calendar.

Pixies, Romance, and More

the fantasy novel debut of local writer Megan Curd

Kaitlyn Heisick, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Family history. Long-standing grudges. Conflict and romance. Pixies. It’s the perfect setup for a fantasy novel, and, luckily, local author Megan Curd has just delivered.

FEATURE: Tube Town

Trevor Kupfer, Kaitlyn Heisick, Eric Rasmussen, Frank Smoot, photos by V1 Staff & Contributors

The Chippewa Valley has a massive inner-tube floating scene, and this guide breaks down the local origin of the activity, what the big annual events are all about, the economic impact of it, plus what you need, where to go, and how to do it right.

Sugar High

a local short film called Sugar Mountain

Kaitlyn Heisick, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Over the years, Eau Claire has attracted the attention of quite a few filmmakers. Some local amateurs, others out-of-town professionals, and now an Eau Claire native who got professional training and has returned to create a short film inspired by

Shooting Art in a Barrel

group of artists join forces for tavern show

Kaitlyn Heisick

Art enthusiasts, prepare yourselves. For one day only, the Bottle and Barrel is playing host to an eclectic and diverse collection of local art. The show will feature all types of artwork, from photography and sculpture to drawings and hand-crafted

Buzz Cuttin' Contest

debut event is a four-day woodcutting chainsaw throwdown

Kaitlyn Heisick

Ever think, “There just aren’t enough events that involve chainsaws?” Well this debut event will hopefully be the first of many to come. Diana Peterson, executive director of the Logging Camp, is one of the chief organizers.

Clean Green

substitute noxious chemicals with homemade concoctions

Kaitlyn Heisick

Cleaning can be painful. Literally. Many common household cleaning products contain at least one of hundreds of chemicals that can damage both our earth and our bodies. If you’re seeking healthy alternatives, you’ve come to the right place.

Going back to school is easy

If you’re worried about being an adult in college - stop.

Kaitlyn Heisick

If you’re worried about being an adult in college, stop. Read this how-to guide and know you’re not alone.

Eau Claire's New Poet Laureate: Bruce Taylor

Kaitlyn Heisick

For the next two years, Eau Claire’s literary scene will have a pair of seasoned eyes looking over it. Bruce Taylor, UW-Eau Claire professor emeritus of English, was named the new poet laureate by the city council recently. This Brigadier of Books

Should you spay/neuter?

looking into the debate on pet sterilization

Kaitlyn Heisick

At some point, every pet owner will have to face a serious question: cat person or dog person? But once you’ve made your choice, there’s another essential decision: to spay or not to spay?

Playground Fun Awaits Your Kids This Summer

Kaitlyn Heisick

Do you want your kids outside, involved, and meeting new people this summer? Have no fear, Eau Claire Parks and Recreation is here. The annual ECPR summer playground program began June 13. Playground leaders will direct games, arts and crafts, and

Short Drive Concerts (Now-July 31)

Kaitlyn Heisick

Check out this list of big upcoming entertainment options just outside our area. These totally drive-to-able events maybe just thing to scratch your mini-road trip itch. Or, if you just need to get out of town for ...