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Undead On Arrival

best friends create zombie-battling role-playing game

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Grab a plant or a coffee pot: It’s time to pick a weapon and prepare for a zombie invasion. Do you think you and your friends could use everyday objects to defeat the dead? Now is your chance to give it a shot and get creative.

Chaos Theory

retired UWEC professor’s book explores the role of chance in our lives

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

One small, seemingly insignificant action could change your life forever. For example, you leave your house a little later than usual for work and drive by a car accident. You get that weird feeling that if you would have left on time, maybe ...

Reid Writes Compendium of Biographies for Kids

Emily Albrent

Want to share an exciting true story with the kid in your life? UW-Eau Claire lecturer (and former children’s library) Rob Reid’s latest book, Biographies to Read Aloud, can help. The book, the second in a series by Reid (the first ...

Farming Secrets

historical novel set in Civil War era Wisconsin

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Every family has a secret, no matter how big or small. For author Jane Glenz, a family secret turned from a curiosity into a book.

What Do You Want to See at the Priory?

Emily Albrent

It’s time for UW-Eau Claire students and faculty as well as the community to come together and start thinking about future plans for the grounds at The Priory. The former convent, just south of Eau Claire, houses the university’s day care ...

Find Your Inspiration at the 11th Women's Business Conference

Emily Albrent

Are you a woman interested in creating a new business or taking an existing business to the next level? The 11th Annual Women’s Business Conference is meant to inspire entrepreneurial women like you in the Chippewa Valley ...

Back to the Roots

Emily Albrent, photos by Luong Huynh

Once local singer-songwriter, turned Nashville star, Anna Johnson has a new album entitled, Here. Since moving to Nashville in 2009, Johnson has produced three professional albums. She has had the opportunity to play with artists such as ...

The Grand Illusion

magician duo brings its tricks to the State Theatre

Emily Albrent

From Harry Potter to magicians pulling rabbits out of their hats, we have all had a little magic in our lives whether or not we believe in it. Come March 21, Eau Claire is about to get a little mystical. Award-winning illusionists The Spencers ...

Take A Chance

local writer pens novel on new beginnings

Emily Albrent

From being a lawyer to publishing romance novels, Mary Strand has chosen to take a detour and do what she loves; write.

A Local Sampling

Heyde Center showcases five local artists across mediums

Emily Albrent, photos by Luong Huynh

A group of artists have come together to form the February showcase this month at The Heyde Center for the Arts in Chippewa Falls. Guest curator Ashley Voss said initially the exhibit was going to be interactive, but at the last minute ...

In the Kitchen

Menomonie eatery Norske Kitchen & Kro cooks up ‘regional comfort food’

Emily Albrent, photos by Tim Mather

If you want a little more comfort food in your life, head on over to Menomonie for some true Wisconsin grub. Stephen Weber, owner of the recently opened restaurant Norske Kitchen & Kro has made Menomonie the place to be if you want to get ...

Gragert in Top Gear as Bike Fed Volunteer

Emily Albrent, photos by Nick Meyer

Biking around the Chippewa Valley has many perks, and Eau Clairian Jeremy Gragert – who was recently named 2013 Volunteer of the Year by the Wisconsin Bike Fed – wants to make sure that Eau Claire continues to boost its bike-friendly appeal ...

Finding the Magic

young author Cayla Kluver launches new trilogy

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Two worlds clash as faeries and humans meet, both hunting for something they want. Lives will be threatened, decisions will be made, and nothing will ever be the same.

Tasting Tears

UWEC grad’s debut novel explores eerie premise

Emily Albrent

Which is a darker secret: a home where a mother forces her children to cry into a machine to create salt to pay for her drinking problem, or a mysterious forest that is forbidden to all children? Jeff Smieding, a UW-Eau Claire alum who grew up ...

Meet Barry

Broadway performer, a UWEC grad, writes album of original songs

Emily Albrent

From UW-Eau Claire to Broadway, Barry Anderson has been making his mark. After graduating from UW-Eau Claire in 2000 with a music education degree, the Osseo native moved on to work on many different theatrical productions such as the Broadway ...

Ready to Make a Splash

Water Street’s first wine bistro uncorking soon

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Blistery winds and chilling temperatures are taking over the Chippewa Valley, but Liane Edixon-Olson and Andy Olson continue to have a sunny outlook on the future ...

It's a Rudy-full Thing

“Rudy” returns to Fanny Hill for Christmas

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

What would you do if you found out you were related to legendary Christmas-hater Ebenezer Scrooge? That’s the situation for the lovable Rudy in Don Hodgins’ latest yuletide comedy, A Carol of a Christmas, at Fanny Hill ...

Navigating Home

new music from alt folk songstress, Eau Claire transplant Lizzy Diane

Emily Albrent

Singer-songwriter Lizzy Diane grew up in and calls Sheboygan home, but her current home of Eau Claire has a special place in her heart. Her newest album – Encompass Rose – is a mix of alternative folk with dynamic acoustic instrumentation.

Haunters Gonna Haunt

local group aims to track down the area’s most paranormal of activities

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s finally October. That means changing leaves, crisp air and drinking hot chocolate on late-night walks through downtown. It also means is Halloween is right around the corner. For some, Halloween ...

Cheese On the Mind

What’s more iconic to Wisconsin football than the Cheesehead?

Emily Albrent

The one thing that we all have in common here in Wisconsin is pride. Whether that’s cheering on the Green Bay Packers or heading on over to Leinenkugel’s for a brewery tour, we Sconnies tend to stick ...


Emily Albrent, Thom Fountain

Autumn is near and that means cooler weather and holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving. We are always fans of people getting into the holiday spirit and one of those ways is by eating and drinking fun, weird, surprising foods that only seem ...

Supper at Johnny's

throwback supper club opens on Eau Claire’s south side

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The city of Eau Claire has a couple of high-end dining options, but with a population of about 67,000, a couple might not be enough.

The Way Back Home

novel explores post-Iraq trauma, middle age

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s not always easy for someone who has been through a traumatic experience overseas to come back and assimilate back into a culture that they have been away from.

Chippewa Falls Writer Wins Award for Thriller

Emily Albrent

There is a fine line between love and hate, or in this case, murder. Chippewa Falls author Laurie Norlander’s novel Mirror Images follows a young woman named Maddy, who suspects that her former boyfriend, Nic, may be more violent than she ever ...

Supernatural Thriller Set in Eau Claire

Emily Albrent

Psychic ability and crime unite in Psychic Reprieve: Deception & Reality, a book based in Eau Claire. The novel is a work of fiction written under the pseudonym of Mitchell Nevin, a former Milwaukee police officer who uses real world ...

Pro Tips: Local Study Nooks

By UWEC expert studier Emily Albrent and Stout expert studier Eric Koeppel

Emily Albrent, Eric Koeppel

The Hibbard Hall Penthouse: Usually it’s pretty chill to just plant yourself here for a couple of hours, but who knows, rules change all the time. You might have to get ...

Undeclared? Who Cares?

the coolest, most interesting four-year schedule of college in the Chippewa Valley*

Emily Albrent

Does staring at the course catalog leave you feeling that something is lacking? Sure, there are plenty of practical (i.e., boring-sounding) classes that you should take to set yourself on a path toward a specific major. What’s the fun in that? Yes, it will ...

Local Artist Snags Award for 3D Photography Exhibit

Emily Albrent

Art comes in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in different dimensions. Menomonie author and photographer David Tank was named best of show at June’s National Stereoscopic Association convention in Michigan for his 3D photo ...

She's Got a Sax to Grind

new tunes from the Sue Orfield Band

Emily Albrent, photos by Marie Ketring

The Sue Orfield Band is no stranger to the Chippewa Valley. Whether it’s smooth jazz or original rock, Orfield – who plays the tenor sax – is always busy writing music. Her band’s newest album, Fight the Good Fight, is a collection of songs ...

More than Face Value

façade loans give city businesses an image boost

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Even after the finishing touches are put on South Barstow Street in the coming weeks, downtown won’t be done getting a facelift. Several businesses are taking advantage of no-interest façade loans to spruce up their images ...

Sconnie Beer Going Green

the Wisconsin DNR is offering breweries grants to get more energy efficient

Emily Albrent

Wisconsin has always had a past built on beer. While that deep-seated tradition may or may not contribute to the health of the overall population, it doesn’t have to hurt the health of the environment. Recently, five state breweries were given an energy ...

Banbury Kids Project Unleashes Creativity

Emily Albrent

Art is all around the Chippewa Valley, whether it’s the work of UW-Eau Claire students in the Foster Art Gallery or creations by acclaimed artists via Sculpture Tour Eau Claire. The Banbury Kids Project has added to that mix. The brainchild of artist ...

Wine on Water

entrepreneur aims to open wine bistro amid Water St. bars

Emily Albrent

In the middle of a neighborhood full of bars and college students, one community member is determined to bring something a little different to Water Street. Liane Edixon is planning to open Splash Wine Bistro at 416 Water St. ...

'The Plus' Subtracts Pizza From its Name

Emily Albrent

The restaurant long known as Pizza Plus, 208 S. Barstow St., changed hands last year, and since then proprietor Benny Haas has worked to change the focus of the restaurant to encompass more than just pizza. Now he’s changing the name from ...

Looking and Listening

writers, artists inspire each other in The Vision and the Word

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The visual and literary arts are often kept at arms length in the artistic world. Not so during The Vision and the Word, a major exhibit now in its fifth incarnation since 1997. Co-founder (and Chippewa Valley poet) Alan Jenkins said that the exhibit ...

Feat of Clay

rocker Brice launches new acoustic project, Claytown

Emily Albrent, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Everyone seems to love the summer months in Wisconsin, but when others complain about the snowy weather, Chippewa Valley singer-songwriter Clayton Brice makes every second count ...

Summertime Seuss

another movie themed family night comes to Phoenix

Emily Albrent

While the Barstow Street construction will impede a true, daylong Summer Fest this year, you can rest assured that there will be another great family night. In fact, it is going to be Dr. Seuss-themed-great. This is not just for kids; we have all had a ...

Capturing Cray

documentary looks at Chippewa Falls’ computing history

Emily Albrent

Between checking Facebook every couple of hours and Tweeting to our hearts content, we forget that computers have a huge impact on our lives – and locally, on our community. As a reminder, the Chippewa Falls Museum of Industry and ...

Eau Claire’s Heroes

local comic artists aim to make local comic

Emily Albrent

Every city needs a superhero. With help from the fundraising website Kickstarter, a community member is taking saving the city into his own hands by creating a comic book that centers on Eau Claire ...

Taking the Block by Storm

local church hosts weekly music series

Emily Albrent

Eau Claire is buzzing with music this summer, whether it is in a park or outside a college dorm; everyone is turning up their speakers and enjoying what this sweet summertime has to offer ...

UW-Eau Claire students’ film screened in San Francisco

Emily Albrent

It’s no secret that there have been some major changes around the US regarding LQBTQ rights and there is no way this would stop at the state level. We here in Wisconsin have some dedicated students at UW-Eau Claire who are determined to make a ...

When the Right Skills Are Hard to Find

The good news: Jobs are out there. The bad news: Many workers don’t have the right skills.

Emily Albrent

If finding a job was a piece of cake, we would all be in a pretty good place. In a perfect world, jobs would be available for everyone – and everyone would be ready for a job. However, this is not the case. And just as some people might struggle ...

The Search Is On

EC scavenger hunt will have you looking high and low

Emily Albrent

Whether you want to admit it or not, scavenger hunts are the best things known to man. What other activity makes it socially acceptable to dash around like a maniac searching for hidden treasures? The Family Resource Center for Eau Claire ...

Knocking Your Block Off

national kubb tourney brings lawn sport’s best to EC

Emily Albrent, photos by John Connell

The summer is the perfect time to play a little game of kubb. What’s kubb, you may ask? It’s an old Nordic lawn game that (according to legend) has ties to the Vikings – and not the purple ones from Minnesota. The object of kubb is to toss wooden ...

Relative Malice

new suspense novel set in Eau Claire

Emily Albrent

The city of Eau Claire has never been that mysterious. It has always been a quiet community. Sure, the city has had its moments, but deep down to the core, the Chippewa Valley area is a relatively subdued place to live. Until now.

Make Almost Anything in the Fab Lab

Emily Albrent

Just because school is out (or you haven’t been to school in years) doesn’t mean you have to stop learning or – in this case – stop creating. If you have ever wanted to learn how to take an idea and turn it into a reality, consider taking ...

UPDATE: Wanna buy a hotel? Too late!

Tom Giffey, Emily Albrent

UPDATED July 2, 2013: Tuesday’s sheriff’s sale of the Ramada Convention Center was pretty anticlimactic: After a low-key auction in front of a curious crowd at the Eau Claire County Courthouse, the current owners bought the hotel … again.