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Thu. Dec. 22nd, 2011

A Powder Keg Giving Off Sparks

David Smuhl, photos by Nick Meyer

With January comes the doldrums of winter. The temperature plummets, the days are short, and even the idea of getting out of bed seems like the most arduous task imaginable. But ...

Thu. Dec. 22nd, 2011

Keep On Pedaling

David Smuhl

lack of snow doesn’t mean you have to pack up your bike til spring

Thu. Dec. 16th, 2010

Pedal Like Hell

David Smuhl, photos by Liz Felder

local cyclist brings popular race event to Valley bars

Thu. May. 20th, 2010

Taking It to the Streets

David Smuhl

the progressive start and controversial end of local Critical Mass bike rides

Thu. May. 20th, 2010

Rules of the Road

David Smuhl

a recap of the laws for motorists, cyclists, and pedestrians

Thu. Aug. 20th, 2009

Give it a 10

David Smuhl, photos by Andrea Paulseth

BMX group North of Ten makes huge internet splash