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How Does Your Garden Grow?

for these Montessori students, it grows at school

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Chippewa Valley Montessori Charter School is inside an old building (the former Lincoln Elementary on Cameron Street), with few areas of interest for students on school grounds. As a result of this, parent and teacher volunteers came together ...

What's in Your Head?

student’s novel explores reality and the psychedelic

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

According to the Oxford Dictionary, axiom is defined as “a statement or proposition that is regarded as being established, accepted, or self-evidently true.” So, circles are round and squares have corners. But is it always that simple ...

Freshen Up with Art Tour

Dustin Hahn

With spring finally here (and summer just around the corner) it is officially day-trip season. It’s a time to get your family and friends together, pile in the car, and get out of town for the day. What better way to kick it off than ...

Smith's Stacker Songs

Dustin Hahn

Terry Smith of Cornell who has been playing music for more than 45 years. It all started on February 9, 1964, when his brother dragged him to their grandparents’ house to watch The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show. After this, he ...

On the borders of Brewer Land

Dustin Hahn

The New York Times recently released a map detailing lay of the land as far as baseball fandoms are concerned. The interactive map was created by using public information provided by Facebook, allowing viewers to find data on any zip code in America.

Rock Kings

Pullman’s EP Monarchs features new band lineup

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Jim Pullman got his musical start in fifth grade and shortly afterward began playing with his close friends. They were together throughout their school years, but after his buddies moved away, Pullman began his own band, The Jim Pullman Band ...

Fantastic retro photographs of Menomonie

Dustin Hahn

Annette and Björn Lund have been traveling the world and they aren’t keeping it all to themselves. On their blog Letter from Lund, they post pictures from their travels, as well as their lives. And awesomely enough, they lived in Menomonie from ...

Wisconsin ranked 8th best state for local food accessibility

Dustin Hahn

How easy is it to buy fresh, local food in Wisconsin? According to takepart.com, nonprofit group Strolling of the Heifers (think “running of the bulls”) determined just that by compiling the third annual Locavore Index. The index uses stats ...

Understanding Inequality

activist Davis brings incarceration message to UWEC

Dustin Hahn

Angela Davis is a social activist, controversial former FBI Ten Most Wanted List fugitive, and woman on a mission to educate and revolutionize social justice in our world. She has not only educated the public through presentations and speeches ...

Taking Comedy to the Street

Dustin Hahn

On Friday, April 18, starting at 5:30pm the Eau Claire Comedy Crawl is taking over Barstow Street. This stand-up/improv comedy event will span five different locations including all ages venues Revival-Records and Pizza Plus, and 21+ venues ...

B.J. Hollars Honored

Dustin Hahn

Time to fit another feather in the cap. The Council for Wisconsin Writers has named B.J. Hollars, a recently well-decorated and prolific writer and assistant professor of English at UWEC, the recipient of the 2014 Norbert Blei/August Derleth ...

All the Same

debut album from folk artist Alexander Clay

Dustin Hahn

Folk music has been described as the music of the emotional, unknown artist. The 20th century folk revival changed this by making folk music more popular. But Eau Claire native Alexander Clay views folk music ...

A Collection of Stories

Dustin Hahn

Singer and songwriter Mike Quick released his fourth album House of Dreams last December. This collaborative work showcases many local talents, such as Yata and Dixie Duffey. Being able to draw on so many different musicians allowed Quick to ...

Historic Building Rehab Can Mean Tax Breaks

Dustin Hahn, photos by Leah Dunbar

Historic Downtown Menomonie is more than just an impressive title: It’s an invitation for building owners who rehabilitate their historic properties to receive special benefits. Owners of eligible properties are able to take advantage of both ...

6 world-changing things invented by proud Wisconsinites

Dustin Hahn

Sure, Wisconsin is home to the Green Bay Packers, cheese and brats, and a plethora of interesting historical locations. But have you ever wondered what Wisconsin-made items have changed the world around us? I did some digging and here are some ...

Local Filmmakers Seek Funds for Festival Entries

Dustin Hahn

Local film company Whiskey Neat Productions has recently finished its newest short film titled Tonight Was. This film is about a woman named Julia who goes on a blind date one night, but it doesn’t end as she expects it to. Tonight Was was ...

Get Gone

Letters From Earth unleashes new tracks

Dustin Hahn, photos by Greg Bauwens

Have you ever felt the need to fly through space, while rocking out and dancing to some of the most epic music you could get your hands on? Me neither. But Eau Claire band Letters From Earth would be the perfect music choice if you ...

Passion On Wheels

new shop opening to serve local skateboard scene

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Skateboarding is prevalent in Eau Claire, especially within the last few years. Last fall, Eau Claire’s first free skateboard park was completed at Lakeshore Park, after years of fundraising stalled the project. This spring, Eau Claire will see a ...

In the Game

District Co. has emerged as a gaming hub

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Located at the corner of North Dewey and Wisconsin streets is The District Co., a relatively young business that’s had its fair share of identities (we’ve written about it as a start-up café and a venue). Most recently it was an all-ages ...

An ‘Important’ Production

UW-Eau Claire stages Irish tale

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The UW-Eau Claire Music and Theatre Arts Department is about ready to perform their newest production, A Man of No Importance. This play tells the story of a small, amateur theateR group in Dublin, Ireland. The director of the group ...

Listening to the Rivers

Dustin Hahn

The word “rivers” can mean a lot in Eau Claire, but another meaning is three years in the making. Rivers consists of experienced local musicians Dexter Wolfe (Sky Lion), Pat Kuehn (Adelyn Rose, Thresher Shark) and Colin Carey (Dust Of Men) ...

Chad Lewis Discovers Mysterious America

Dustin Hahn

A former Eau Claire resident and graduate of UW-Stout has begun a new adventure … on national television. Chad Lewis is a paranormal researcher who has traveled the globe in search of the mysterious and unknown. Some of the places he has visited ...

Hats Off to Film Noire

local independent film Fedora gets local premiere

Dustin Hahn

Eau Claire-based film and video production company Down The Rabbit Hole Films is finally ready to release Fedora, a feature-length, independent film. Fedora is a black-and-white film noir that features all local actors and musicians, and it was ...

Über Shows on the Way

Eau Claire House of Rock bringing the hits in coming weeks

Thom Fountain, Dustin Hahn

The day after Christmas often brings hangovers from candy and cookies and, well, actual hangovers. But you better get your butt in gear because this year it also brings one of the biggest shows of the year: a homecoming of sorts for EC’s own ...

A Beast of a Talent

Stout prof/graphic novelist Erik Evensen

Dustin Hahn

When you think of Menomonie, a few things might come to mind: the clock tower at UW-Stout, Neil Gaiman, or the Muppet Show song “Mahnah Mahnah” (which of course sounds eerily like the city’s name) ...

A New Semester

new duo hopes to build on past success

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Eau Claire has a new band in town that everyone can relate to. Kyle Culver (guitar, songwriter, electronics, and other instrumentation) and Matt Hasenmueller (vocals and guitar) are The Millenium, a two-piece band that is all about staying young ...

Model Mayhem

gallery makes space for monsters, superheroes

Dustin Hahn

The Janet Carson Gallery is being invaded by superheroes, monsters, comics, models, and more. Rob Mattison of Eau Claire is curating his third show at the gallery, which consists ...

UW-Stout Professor Short-Listed for Artprize

Dustin Hahn

“The World’s An Untranslatable Language II (for Charles Wright)” is the 3-D piece that UW-Stout art professor Charles Matson Lume entered in this year’s ArtPrize contest – a massive art ...

Flyway Film Festival Returns

Dustin Hahn

The Flyway Film Festival is back this year. It will take place Oct. 17-20 in the western Wisconsin burgs of Pepin and Stockholm. This annual festival features more than 50 film, filmmakers ...

Bring Your Dead Out

zombies, plague stalk EC natives’ role-playing game

Dustin Hahn

The Darkest Age is a new horror survival role-playing game created by Eau Claire native Eric Staggs (winner of the Writer’s Digest Genre Fiction and Aviator Magazine Editor’s Choice awards) and ...

Local Novel Journeys from Midwest to New York City

Dustin Hahn, Tom Giffey

Eau Claire writer Grant Maierhofer is leaving the realm of poetry with the hard-copy publication of his novel, The Persistence of Crows. The novel follows Henry Alfi, a college ...

Dinner in the Park

Fanny Hill presents classic comedy Barefoot In The Park

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

If there is one name in American theater that everyone should know it’s Neil Simon. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting this man’s genius plays, you now have the opportunity to at Fanny Hill in Eau Claire. Through Nov. 3, Barefoot in the Par

British Ranger Takes Center Stage in New e-Book

Dustin Hahn

Local author Glenn Wilson has electronically published a new science fiction novel titled The Marcher Lord. The Marcher Lord is Glenn’s first published novel and is the first in the series he is working on called Over Guard. This is the third ...

Hot Times in Cinder City

kick off summer right with Altoona’s annual fun fest

Dustin Hahn

The 40th annual Cinder City Days is one of the first kick-off celebrations of summer in the Chippewa Valley. This four-day event in Altoona begins on Thursday, June 6, with a carnival, but the weekend brings even more fun. Starting Friday ...

The Seven Years’ War

epic amount of time went into WWII battle game

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Hobbies and interests come in every shape and form. Some hobbies are cheap and take no time at all, while others are lavish and time consuming. To say that lifelong war game lover Hans Kishel of Eau Claire has a hobby that is time-consuming is ...

Swinging with Strings

Chi-Hi Wire Choir hitting the road to China

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Orchestras have traditionally been known for playing classical, concert-hall style music, but creative musicians are constantly breaking free from such stereotypes. Whether it is a YouTube sensation mixing cello with rap or violin and ...

Alexander Hamilton coming to Eau Claire?

Dustin Hahn

Alexander Hamilton is a film that locals Matt Roskowski, Eric Koeppel, and Kevin Johnson are hoping to shoot in the Chippewa Valley this summer, featuring all local actors and musicians. The film – “a study of the absurdity of existence” ...

Record Rodeo Rounds 'Em Up

remember kids tunes on vinyl? now your tots will too

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

he Record Rodeo is coming to town! The series of classes at the Eau Claire Music School is open to any children ages 2 to 5 who enjoy music, stories, and physical activity.

Hounds Before Lions

young Eau Claire indie rockers releases first EP

Dustin Hahn, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Every year brings new students to Eau Claire’s universities, many of which join the local arts scene and contribute their talent. One of those new groups is Hounds Before Lions...

New Chance to Unwind

Dustin Hahn

Eau Claire native Brad “DJ Unwind” LaBarbera, who is now based in Minneapolis, has had a number of successes in recent years. His downtempo, chillout-style music has been...

Steps Toward Reading

walk from UW-Stout to St. Paul aids Books For Africa

Dustin Hahn

St. Paul-based Books For Africa collects books – and money to buy books – in the hope of ending the “book famine” in Africa. The charity’s latest fundraiser is a three-day walk from Menomonie to St. Paul ...

His Cups Runneth Over

Oliver’s latest mixes mystery, comedy, romance

Dustin Hahn

French Roast and Lingerie is the title of Jed Oliver’s newest mystery novel. Don’t let the title or genre fool you, however. The Eau Claire writer’s novel brings all the best traits of mysteries, thrillers, comedies, satires, and romances together in a light-hearted...

Beacon of Sound

Beacon James brings eclectic approach to album

Dustin Hahn, photos by Greg Bauwens

Local band Beacon James just released their first full-length album, A Collection of American Short Stories (titled after one of their oldest songs). The band got together in 2007 in Chicago with a completely different group of people and a...

The Pedal Pub: Almost Legal?

Dustin Hahn

The concept of riding a pedal pub (or party bike, pedal crawler, cycle pub, beer bike, or bierbike, if you prefer) about town has been around for a while now. These pedal powered vehicles can hold up to twelve people, plus one driver doing all ...

An All New Ode

author Grant Maierhofer’s new poetry chap book

Dustin Hahn

Grant Maierhofer of Eau Claire began writing when he was 15 years old. He started by typing around 70 pages of autobiographical stories and from there became convinced that it was what he wanted to do with his life. As he began writing more, poetry became something he did while he wasn’t writing prose, something he did to clear his mind. Now, however, he finds writing poetry to be just as substantial and rewarding as prose writing, and it’s been working out for him as well.

picard releasing debut album “#1”

Dustin Hahn

picard is releasing their debut album titled “#1” and have started a Kickstarter to help fund the project. picard started as a solo “project” by Jason Ulwelling in February 2012. I place the word project in quotations because it wasn’t started ...