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Swords and Rewards

locals' fantasy board game gets majorly kickstarted

Caleb Gerdes

The game is called Ravingspire: Assault on the Tower of Madness. The stats: A deck-building, rotating-dungeon board game of swords, sorcery and madness ...

Off-Road Runner

After tiring of the pavement pounding so many runners do, V1 contributor Caleb Gerdes got his mojo back in the woods, trails, and hills of Wisconsin

Caleb Gerdes, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Sometimes people ask if I am a runner. I want to tell them no, then I remember that I do, in fact, run typically one to three times a week. Now, I’m not religious about it, and I don’t have a specific training regimen or goal in mind.


Menomonie author explores area trails in new guide

Caleb Gerdes, photos by Andrea Paulseth

The Chippewa Valley, it turns out, is an excellent place to live. It also turns out that the Chippewa Valley is an amazing place ...

Double Duty

Wisco native, a decorated California cop, pens second realistic police thriller

Caleb Gerdes

Midwestern Noir could be that savory aged cheddar from the local dairy or a pint of a dark lager at the local brewery. However, it is, in fact, a fresh new genre ...

Welcoming Sight

new visitors center opens in downtown CF

Caleb Gerdes

The brand-new Visitors Center at 1 N. Bridge St. in Chippewa Falls has had its doors open for only a short while and the beautifully designed building still has that just-moved-in-smell – a smell of hope, happiness, and prosperity ...

Sweet Like Honey

three married couples makin’ adorable indie rock

Caleb Gerdes

The music of Honeytree flows like a low autumn river and casts images of children and parents playing near the bank while the sun shines down and the only thought you can have is one about existence itself.

Back On Stage

new troupe to revive theater at Fanny Hill

Caleb Gerdes

When I heard earlier this year that the Fanny Hill was closing its dinner theater I felt that maybe the world had changed irrevocably for the worst: There was no longer a place to bring significant others for significant food while being ...

Turning the World Around

Civil Rights Pilgrimage inspires student’s album

Caleb Gerdes

Singer songwriter Adam Schneider’s project Turning Away is a compelling and powerful set of 10 songs laden with meaning and soul. Adam’s rich music is complimented by apple-butter-on-warm-toast smooth vocals ...

Last Call: Prohibition in the Valley

almost a century ago, wets and drys battled on cultural lines over prohibition in the Chippewa Valley

Andy Hanson, Caleb Gerdes, photos by Chippewa Valley Museum

The Chippewa Valley has a rich and frothy history when it comes to beer and other alcoholic substances and the breweries and saloons where said substances were, of course, fermented and imbibed. In fact, if you happen to pick up ...

A Play of Their Own

middle school commissions script from L.A. playwright

Caleb Gerdes, photos by Andrea Paulseth

University and community theater groups in the Chippewa Valley have brought to life many wonderful productions over the years, bringing the region well-deserved acclaim as an exciting place to get involved in the theater. At the moment ...

Launching Learning

new film promotes program for CF kids

Caleb Gerdes

A new locally written, locally produced film, Remembering Neverland, was inspired by a Chippewa Falls project that builds connections between students, parents, and teachers. The film, which will be screened at Micon Cinemas Eau Claire ...

First-Rate Frisbee

team full of UWEC grads takes world Ultimate title

Caleb Gerdes

Eight UW-Eau Claire alumni, one of whom is also an Eau Claire native, recently took part in one of the most competitive Ultimate Frisbee tournaments in the world: The World Ultimate Club Championships in Lecco, Italy. During the first week ...

Ultimate Achievement

seven UWEC grads on team bound for world disc tourney

Caleb Gerdes

The Chippewa Valley has produced world-caliber talent in a number of fields, and once again the good people of the Valley can bask in the knowledge that we produce good stock. The latest opportunity to show off our region to the world comes ...

Hollywood Comes Home

a pro film is being produced in the Chippewa Valley

Caleb Gerdes

If you find yourself surrounded by a crowd of 30 to 50 strangers all carrying equipment, sipping water bottles and filming each other within various well-known Chippewa Valley establishments, do not panic. If you are on a pleasant walk through ...