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Queering the Conversation

Foster Gallery exhibit examines queer identities in the Midwest

Catey Leonardson

UW-Eau Claire is illuminating often-silenced voices with a new exhibition in the Ruth Foster Gallery. “Midwest Queeritivities” gives a platform to queer artists throughout the region and beautifully showcases a ...

West Coast Feels in a Midwest Coffee Shed

espresso, treats, and more at Beyond Brewed

Catey Leonardson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Tucked away on Brackett Avenue is Beyond Brewed Coffee Shop (1907 Brackett Ave.), a quaint space headed in a new direction. Alicia Weber was a ...

No Holiday Cheer? Improvise!

“Eat This!” show combines storytelling, improv to create holiday hilarity

Catey Leonardson

The holiday season invites all sorts of memories into our minds: the good, the bad, and the awkward. Local storytellers and improv performers will poke fun at this tumultuous yet festive time of year on Thursday, Nov. 29 ...

Sketches, Sculptures, & Now Wine at 200 Main

Catey Leonardson, photos by Taylor Smith

Just off of Graham Avenue tucked away on the corner is the quaint 200 Main – a charming art gallery that invites whoever is looking for a place to revel in art without restrictions.

Grab a Drink, Catch a Film

Pablo Center introduces film screenings with specialty cocktails

Catey Leonardson

The brand-new Pablo Center at the Confluence is launching a movie and cocktail series that is sure to be a hit! Films are lined up through spring of next year, boasting titles that are all over the board in genre and era ...

Breathe in the Fresh Fall Art

art tour guides art lovers on western Wisconsin byways

Catey Leonardson

Every fall, I remember that the Fresh Art Fall Tour is happening and get excited all over again. Nothing is more relaxing to me than exploring my beautiful state on a breezy fall day and having the opportunity ...

Recreation Revamped at the New Carson Park Playground

Refreshed Carson Park playground offers inclusive fun

Catey Leonardson

The $480,000 project from Playworld Systems features areas designed for different age groups and ability levels so that those in the 2- to 5-year-old age bracket can enjoy themselves as well as 5- to 12-year-olds ...

Carson Park’s New Playground Offers More Inclusive Fun for All Kids

Catey Leonardson, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Carson Park’s playground recently received a beautiful, lime-green upgrade as the past play structure reached the end of its 30-year life expectancy. The $480,000 project from Playworld Systems features areas designed for ...

Keys to Success

piano bar cocktail joint offers music and Mules

Catey Leonardson

Tucked away in a discreet location on Golf Road is the Ivory Piano Bar, a new place to spend the evening with just the right atmosphere. With a much different feel than existing bars, you will be greeted with a warm ...