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Brittany Landorf


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Following the Pattern

kente exhibit visits the Chippewa Valley Museum

Brittany Landorf

An exquisite model of African culture is visiting the Chippewa Valley in the form of kente.

The Big Dance

from the dress to the dinner: tips to survive any school dance

Brittany Landorf

You Gotta Be Trippin'

local parents fight to save ECASD field trips

Brittany Landorf, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“(Field trips) expose them to something good. Every child has the right to experience them.”

The Scoop: A Tour of Local Ice Cream Shops

everything you need to know about the places with ice cream in the Valley

Brittany Landorf, photos by Marisa Wojcik

Summer’s blistering heat can only be countered by a luxurious, cool breather of ice cream.

School Garden Teaches Sustainability, Eating Local

Brittany Landorf

Designed by Mike Goettl of Sustainable Landscaping, the student garden at Eau Claire’s DeLong Middle School demonstrates the integration of current green culture and education.

ARTIST PROFILE: Another Man's Treasure

Roger Adams uses trash for art materials

Brittany Landorf, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“It’s my life. And if by doing this I can make people smile, chuckle, get angry, then I’ve done something right.” – Roger Adams

Capturing Life in the Fast Lane

local photographer’s images featured in auto racing book

Brittany Landorf

Seyforth is a native of Chippewa Falls whose passion for high velocity began as teenager ...