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Kick off Your Sunday Shoes

Footloose steps onto the Pablo Center stage

Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Bust out your dancing shoes and hold onto your hats because you have the chance to experience a delightful extravaganza the likes of which have not been seen in this area since Paul Bunyan created Minnesota’s 10,000 lakes ...

Pragda Spanish Film Festival Returns

Amanda Luft

Get ready for some fascinating, enlightening and downright funny films at the Pragda Spanish Film Festival in Menomonie. This is the third year UW-Stout has collaborated with Pragda, an independent Spanish film distribution company, to present the Festival ...

Welcome to the Pablo: Eau Claire's new arts center plans wild grand opening

Amanda Luft

After more than a decade of planning and the persistent efforts of countless leaders, supporters, and community members like yourself, the big day is finally upon us: The Pablo Center at the Confluence is a reality, and the public is invited to celebrate the grand opening of Eau Claire’s new cultural center ...

Writer’s Guild Announces Summer Retreat Line-Up

Amanda Luft

Whether you’re an aspiring writer or a published author, a writer’s retreat this summer is just the thing to help you hone your craft and take your skills to the next level. Between June and August, the ...

Pull up a Seat & Let's Eat

Around the Farm Table returns for fifth season on WPT

by Amanda Luft, photos by Mark Aumann

We’ve watched Inga Witscher interview a wide variety of farmers and small-scale food production experts across Wisconsin – and create amazing dishes from their ingredients – for the past four seasons of Around the Farm Table on Wisconsin Public Television ...

Remembering Her with Acres of Flowers

by Amanda Luft

Babbette’s family continues to honor her memory with Babbette’s Seeds of Hope, a nonprofit organization dedicated to funding cancer research and patient advocacy through sunflowers.

FEATURE: It's Only Natural

Beaver Creek Reserve isn’t just for kids. It offers tons of opportunities for adults to fall in love with nature, too.

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Did you know there are 38 kinds of mollusks living in the Chippewa River? You can see shiny examples of them all in a display case at Beaver Creek Reserve. I discovered this fact during the first week of June, when I attended Wisconsin Master Naturalist training ...

A Spirited Effort to Tap Into Downtown

just one year after opening, Chippewa River Distillery and Brewster Bros. Brewing Co. is an award-winning hotspot

Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When asked if he imagined achieving the kind of success he and his partner, Kurt Schneider, have found one year after opening the Chippewa River Distillery and Brewster Bros. Brewing Co., Jim Stirn ...

Getting Handy With the Arts

Fiber Arts & Folk Life Festival combines cultures

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Attention all textile artists and fiber arts enthusiasts! Mark your calendars for Saturday, Feb. 18, and get down to the Chippewa Valley Museum in Eau Claire’s Carson Park to celebrate ...

Attention All Weirdos and Film Buffs

new film festival celebrates all things weird and fantastic

by Amanda Luft

Midwest transplant (by way of Australia) Dean Bertram is accepting submissions for the first ever MidWest WeirdFest Film Festival – a “cinematic celebration of all things frightening ...

Southside Suds

Southtowne Pub busts into the Eau Claire bar scene

Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Southside residents of Eau Claire have traditionally had fairly limited choices for neighborhood watering holes. However, the landscape’s been changing dramatically in the last year, and now a new spot called Southtowne Pub is adding its own mark ...

Brewing Up Oktoberfest

an overview of our locally made Oktoberfest beers

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

October is the best. The intense heat and packed schedule of the summer finally gives way to cooler days, beautiful fall foliage, and a more relaxed routine. It’s historically been a time for harvest festivals around the world, and one doesn’t ...

Kickin' It Old School

Kickball Classic is back to rock you at Cinder City Park

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s officially autumn, and that means more than just back-to-school specials at the Farm & Fleet. That’s right; it’s time again for the Chippewa Valley Rock-n-Roll Kickball Classic!

Public Library 2.0

Forget stereotypes about dusty piles of books. Today’s tech-savvy libraries are staying relevant in the digital age.

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

We tipped into the Digital Age around the year 2000, when the Internet changed from a static information platform into the interactive, Google-dominated Web 2.0 we know today. The Digital Age (aka the Information Age) has put a staggering amount of information at our fingertips, literally ...

Get Lost in Time, Not the Woods

for 1,200 miles, Ice Age Trail follows a glacial path across Wisconsin

Amanda Luft

We lucky Wisconsinites have one of only 11 National Scenic Trails in the country. The 1,200-mile Ice Age Trail passes through 31 Wisconsin ...

Chippewa brewery-n-distillery is stirring up the good stuff

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

There’s a new player in the Valley’s quickly evolving craft brew scene, but this one’s got a twist. The Chippewa River Distillery and Brewster Bros. Brewing Co. recently ...

Thinking Outside the Boxx

downtown salon rents suites, not just chairs, to stylists

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

When Eau Claire native Nikki Luft opened ArtBoxx Salon & Co. downtown in June 2014, she introduced our city to a new style of business ownership ...

Roll Out the Barrel

Lazy Monk’s new location will offer outdoor seating, food, and plenty of beer

Amanda Luft, photos by Kelsey Smith

The new location of the Lazy Monk bier hall officially opened on Jan. 8. The 5,000-square-foot space at 97 W. Madison St. (at the corner of Madison and Oxford streets) has something for everyone, and in a great convenient location on the West Bank of the Chippewa River.

A Gritty Read for the City

if you’re in Menomonie, get your mitts on a free copy of True Grit

by Amanda Luft

For the 10th annual Menomonie READS citywide literacy promotion program, the Menomonie Public Library will be handing out free copies of the classic Western novel True Grit (1968) by Charles Portis. The fun kicks off 9am to 9pm Jan. 14 with the book distribution. Events continue ...

Eau Claire's Downtown Sushi Fix

Ninja Restaurant gets a Barstow St. resurrection

by Amanda Luft, photos by Andrea Paulseth

It’s been about two years since Ninja Japanese House, a popular local sushi and Japanese restaurant, disappeared from its Eastridge Center location. Many thought it would be gone forever. But there’s good news! Binh Lin, who was part owner of Ninja Japanese House, has again partnered with her husband, Feng ...

Ordinary / Artful: Two artists’ 2D and 3D exhibit elevates everyday objects

by Amanda Luft

For the upcoming art show Domestic Affairs, artists Dan Ingersoll and Jenna Ruder found time in their busy schedules to put together a collection of pieces that both elevate everyday objects and challenge us to see beauty in functional items. Dan and Jenna worked together as art teachers at Memorial High School for 15 years ...

Experience the Wonderful Magic of Make Believe

Amanda Luft

The Eau Claire Children’s Theatre’s production of Alice in Wonderland may have wrapped, but the fun and adventure aren’t over yet. You’ll have a second chance to visit Wonderland on Saturday, Nov. 14, when you head out to the Make Believe Ball. This ECCT fundraising event will run from 5:30pm to 10pm ...

Gather Around Again

Inga Witscher returns for a third season on public TV

by Amanda Luft, photos by Tedd Piper

If you’re interested in cooking with local flair, then you won’t want to miss Season 3 of Around the Farm Table, hosted by Inga Witscher, on Wisconsin Public Television. Part local farm-interest show and part cooking show, the Witscher family began Around the Farm Table ...