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TONIGHT: Halloween in September

Amble Down to release Halloween, Alaska’s new LP

Andy Plank

It’s true, when Eau Clairians love something we latch on hard and support it 100 percent. Such is the case with Halloween, Alaska.

Mousetrap Tavern to Appear in India Movie

Andy Plank

In March, a crew of L.A. filmmakers came to downtown Eau Claire’s Mousetrap Tavern to shoot a scene that would be included in a feature film.

The Rosebuds

indie duo returns to town for House of Rock show

Andy Plank

The Rosebuds were already a must-see show, but this tour holds more meaning, more mystery and more reason to be in attendance.

Amble Down Signs Halloween Alaska, Cuts Their First Vinyl

Andy Plank

In its splashiest out-of-town acquisition to date, Chippewa Valley-based Amble Down Records signed Halloween, Alaska and announced the upcoming release of the band’s fourth studio album, All Night the Calls Came In.

What Record Store Day Holds in Store...

Andy Plank

On April 16, vinyl collectors will have a rare opportunity to get their hands on the newest, most exclusive albums. Revival Records will open its door at 8am for Record Store Day, a national holiday that store owner Billy Siegel says is his Christmas.

Saturday: Record Store Day

Andy Plank, photos by Andrea Paulseth

On Saturday, April 16, vinyl collectors will have a rare opportunity to get their hands on the newest, most exclusive albums. Barstow Street’s Revival Records will open its door at 8am for Record Store Day, a national holiday that store owner ...

The Next 24 Hours

UWEC Players restart the clock on their 24-Hour Project

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

There are few, nay, no performances quite like the UWEC Players’ 24 Hour Project. In fact, there isn’t even a word that properly labels the event. If I had the lingual authority to make one up, I’d call it a theatriconcerdancartshowcase.

Take Part in a Whirlwind of Stage Creativity

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

Artists draw inspiration from a plethora of experiences and directions. Ideas big and small are filtered through a creative process that can take weeks, months, even years to complete.

Piano-only version of last Meridene album!

Andy Plank, photos by Drew Kaiser

Keyboardist Paul Brandt flipped the nine songs on “Something Like Blood,” upside-down and shook out all the pop-rock, guitars, drums and words. What he had left was “Something Like Wedding Music,” a nine-track piano solo of the entire album.

A Beastly Show

Backstage Concert Series to feature Laarks, Zoo Animal

Andy Plank

Whoever said, “too much of a good thing is a bad thing,” must have had his good things and bad things all mixed up. Or he was tricking people so he could hoard good things for himself.

LISTEN: Something Like Blood

Meridene’s second LP is the best stuff they’ve done

Andy Plank, photos by Drew Kaiser

“The one thing I was surprised about was how proud I am of the record. I really do wear it like a badge of honor.” – Meridene frontman Trevor Ives

Trio of Local Bands Head Out on (Separate) Tours

Andy Plank

Chippewa Vallians have come to expect a higher standard of music as fans and bands of the past few years have continuously met those standards with creative new ideas.

Zoo Animal

hooky Minneapolis creature on display at The Underground

Andy Plank

Minneapolis indie-rocker Zoo Animal is a bipolar creature, made up of both toe-tapping and down tempo tendencies.

New Year's Rockings

rock 2009 into oblivion with House of Rock’s annual show

Andy Plank, photos by Andrea Paulseth

We can’t be certain the new year would come if the House of Rock didn’t throw its annual New Years Eve Bash.

He Are the Willows

Andy Plank

A Collection of Sounds and Something Like the Plague is Eau Claire native-turned Minneapolis-citizen Peter Miller’s most focused and impressive solo offering yet.

Peter Wolf Crier

Andy Plank

In an unprompted spark of creativity during the summer of 2008, Peter Pisano (The Wars of 1812) first began the diligent late night process of mapping songs that would eventually become his new musical endeavor.

Laarks Go Kosher

Laarks sign with Absolutely Kosher, plan album re-release and tour

Andy Plank, photos by Frank H. Robinson

The band’s hard work is coming to fruition in the shape of a record deal with one of the most well-known indie-rock labels in the business.

Comeback Keil

local punk bassist back on tour with Comeback Kid

Andy Plank, photos by Andrea Paulseth

"Since then I think we’ve played over 200 shows in about 35 countries on five different continents.”

Halloween, Alaska + Laarks + Meridene

Minneapolis’ electro-organic, indie-rock super-group HalAl releases new album

Andy Plank

Minneapolis’ electro-organic, indie-rock super-group Halloween, Alaska is about to pop ...

An Exaltation of Laarks

Eau Claire indie band Laarks launch their debut album

Andy Plank, photos by Nick Meyer

... Two years later, Laarks finally has their album in hand.

That's So Funk Rock

WHYS Radio benefit with Minneapolis band The Histronic

Andy Plank

Minneapolis’ The Histronic brings the dance via a three-member band.

Midwest Tour for Gentle Guest

Andy Plank

Two months after releasing its rowdy, dirty blues debut, The Gentle Guest is hitting the road.

Ramblers Release New CD

Andy Plank

The Chippewa Valley’s The River City Ramblers have released a new full-length album.

Spaghetti Techno

Fiamma Fumana seamlessly mixes roots with electronica

Andy Plank

Mixing Italian roots music and electronica has become an art that combines past and present.


EC-raised musicians keep upending folk in North Carolina

Andy Plank

Bury the Square has earned enough support to gain new fans and tours nationwide.

The Gentle Guest

Eric Rykal and friends release folk spectacle

Andy Plank

"For the first time in my life I was going to play music that was fun for the listener."