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Before adopting your four-legged friend

Allison Schrader

There’s nothing like a bringing home a new bundle of furry joy. Picking out a cat or dog to adopt is an exciting decision and one that should be taken seriously. A few years ago, my (not entirely sober) friend brought home a kitten from ...

Great apps for your youngsters

Allison Schrader

If your tyke isn’t amused anymore by the simple pleasures in life, here are some popular iPhone, iPad, and Android apps that are sure to keep them (and maybe even you) interested ...

What's your pet thinking?

Allison Schrader

Pets. They're always looking at you, biting you, or eating your unmentionables. But how can you tell what they're up to? This list of body sign language will help you get a grip on where your pet is at on an emotional level.

5 Popular Dog Breeds for Families

Allison Schrader

Not sure which pooch is the prime pick for your family? There’s lots to consider before adding a furry member to your household. Every family is different and so is every breed. Here’s a short list of five popular dog breeds for families.

Autumn Wedding Ideas

Allison Schrader

Don’t want to sweat in the heat of the summer on your special day? Wisconsin is a great location for an autumn wedding – the leaves are turning, the air is cool and comfortable...

Need a 'No-Firearms' Sign?

Allison Schrader

Unless you’re living under a rock, you’ve heard about Wisconsin’s new conceal and carry law. You know, that piece of legislation that allows us to walk around with hidden weapons?

The big Wisconsin cheese

Allison Schrader

How do you make cheese sexy? Simple. Add juicy beef, a photo shoot, a sultry narrative, and bam! You've got the Cheese & Burger Society, and they've created an awesome interactive website dedicated to Wisconsin cheese. On burgers across the country.

7 Local Things We Miss - Menomonie Edition!

Allison Schrader, photos by Jesse Johnson

Menomonie, Wis. is a much different town than it was in 1986 when I was born – and way different than in 1953, when my dad was born. Let’s take a few minutes to think back to when Billy Ray was the most popular Cyrus. Some things that are missing ...

An electric car station in Eau Claire?

B&B Electric is looking into it

Allison Schrader

It’s electric! Some of you may or may not have heard the gossip about an electric car charging station being brought to Eau Claire. Well, B&B Electric wants to turn this station from rumor to reality.

Herb brings broadband to rural Wisconsin

Allison Schrader

Thanks to Senator Herb Kohl, Wisconsin is receiving over $16 million from the USDA, money that will bring much-needed broadband services to rural areas.

Same-sex partnerships on the rise in Wisconsin

Allison Schrader

According to the 2010 Census, 13,630 same-sex partnerships reside in Wisconsin - an increase from 8,232 in the 2000 Census. The number of households with same-sex couples is increasing nationally, as well.

Tonight: Drunken Rooster’s final gig

Allison Schrader

An unprecedented blend of local musicians from various Eau Claire bands has created an original album in just under three weeks. The result: Drunken Rooster, a musical experiment.

LGBT Community Center seeks input

Allison Schrader

The LGBT Community Center, although no longer a physical building, has created a questionnaire to evaluate the LGBT and ally communities’ satisfaction levels with current programs, activities, and services available.

A vending machine for bikes

Allison Schrader

Those who like to travel on two, un-motorized wheels may be tired of bicycles taking a back seat to cars in the world of transportation. Well, the cyclist’s equivalent to a gas station has arrived to Minneapolis … in the form of a vending machine.

Native artist will hand-paint signs for downtown EC businesses

Allison Schrader

If artist Jesus Landin-Torrez has his way, businesses in downtown Eau Claire could soon be seeing signs. Awesome ones. Offering to hand-paint small signs, Landin-Torrez won’t accept traditional currency, so bring your bartering skills to the table.

Impressions Bridal Affair: Sept. 25

Allison Schrader

Brace yourselves, ladies – one of the biggest wedding expos in the area is coming back to Eau Claire. On September 25, the Impressions Bridal Affair will host its seventh annual bridal fair and women’s expo event. If you plan on walking down ...

Let your freak flag fly at the Freak 5K

Allison Schrader

Now you can finally combine your love of physical exertion, music, and socializing at this year’s Freak 5K in Chippewa Falls (August 27). The 20+ obstacles placed throughout the race will be sure to keep things interesting for both the runners ...

Sippin' Spot

new Eau Claire wine bar From the Vine Wine Room

Allison Schrader, photos by Andrea Paulseth

From the Vine Wine Room may be a tongue twister, but it will leave your taste buds dancing. Owner Kathy Nuenke was excited about its premiere on July 15.

Butterfly House will flutter you up

Allison Schrader, photos by Mary Mihajlov

Butterfly lovers, your wait is over. Beaver Creek Reserve’s Butterfly House opened as of July 5 for the season. Available to the public since 2000, the Butterfly House holds multiple species of butterflies native to Wisconsin ...

It's potty time at Phoenix Park

Allison Schrader, photos by Contributed

As of today, now the call of nature at Phoenix Park won’t be quite so unwelcome. The park's snazzy new public restrooms, located next to the Farmers Market pavilion, are up and running as of this morning.

What a Bunch of Garden Enablers ...

Allison Schrader

Enabling Gardens, a recent vegetative community effort, officially opened on June 11. The garden was made a reality thanks to Phoenix Community Garden, the Best Buddies program, and the Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners. This is no ordinary garden.

Madison 'Boomboxes the Wasteland'

Allison Schrader

Union Corners, the 15-acre construction graveyard in Madison, has been an eyesore since 2007. What better to do with ugly, wasted space than gather around a few hundred local people with music, dancing, hula hooping, grilling out and mural painting?

Keep On Rollin'

the Roller Girls gear up for second season

Allison Schrader, photos by Mike O'Brien

The Chippewa Valley Roller Girls’ first season may be over, but the team is excitedly gearing up for the next one beginning in this fall. Chances are you may have cheered on the girls flying up and down the track at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports

"Raising" the community garden

Allison Schrader, photos by Contributed , Andrea Paulseth

Enabling Gardens, a recent vegetative community effort, officially opened on June 11. The garden was made a reality thanks to the help of the people of Phoenix Community Garden, the Best Buddies program, and the Eau Claire Area Master Gardeners.

Chippewa Valley Roller Girls gearing up for season two

Allison Schrader, photos by Mike O'Brien, Kimberly Youngberg

Chances are you may have cheered the girls on flying up and down the track at the Eau Claire Indoor Sports Center. For those of you haven’t yet experienced the magic that is roller derby, you’re missing out. Right now, recruitment is a top priority.

A Museum a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Allison Schrader

Good news for all you cultured guys out there – apparently, men who enjoy cultural activities like going to the museum, a concert or play, or participating in clubs or volunteer work are healthier and happier than men who don’t. A study says ...

Full Frontal (Lobe) Musicians

Allison Schrader

Do musicians have better brains? According to a new study, measurements of musicians’ brains have found “well-coordinated frontal lobes” – the part of our brains used for very high-function activities.