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Amanda Boehm

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Lessons Learned

Eau claire native offers life advice in second memoir

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Larry Pope, author of the extremely entertaining memoir Shawtown Stories, has recently published a second book about his life. Wanting to tell the rest of the story about what happened after he grew out of his wild days in Eau Claire’s ...

Will City Go to the Birds?

local birder hopes EC gets feather-friendly designation

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Steve Betchkal, an avid birder and chief photographer at News 18 (WQOW-TV), is looking for the support of Eau Claire’s nature lovers to help get Eau Claire designated as a Bird City. “Birds lived here before we did,” Betchkal says ...

Spotlight on Sand Mining

locals and locales featured in environmental doc

Amanda Boehm

When he heard that an energy company was making plans to develop the land next to his in Minnesota, Jim Tittle and his brother decided to look into the operation. They found that the company wanted to build an open-pit silica mine that would ...

Picturing Civil Rights

traveling exhibit features images of historic movement

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Right now the Chippewa Valley Museum is hosting For All the World to See: Visual Culture and the Struggle for Civil Rights, a nationally touring exhibition from NEH on the...

Motor Murals

Local Airbrush artist brightens up the streets with colorful, custom designs

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Have you started to get the feeling that the bumper stickers you use to personalize your car are …well, a bit wimpy? Maybe it’s time to give your trusty vehicle the royal treatment it deserves ...

In Motion While at Rest

new art exhibit examines concept of free fall

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

At a young age we learn that falling is sudden, uncontrollable, and results in bruises and scraped knees. As we age, the negative connotations stick with us. The Free Fall: Inverted Bodies and Suspended Images exhibition at the...

Long Wait for a Walk

book of children’s poems was 30 years in the making

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

We’ve all heard that wine and cheese get better with age, but what about poetry? Richard Tepler, a retired kindergarten teacher, started a project about 30 years ago that has finally made it to print...

Loud Dreaming

Eau Clairian Betsy Wheeler has been working the verses

Amanda Boehm

For those of us who make frequent use of the back burner, it might be hard to imagine working on the same project for a prolonged period of time, say, a number of years. There’s something to be said for people who have the diligence required...

Fragile's Shotgun Wedding

band puts on concept concert at the Heyde Center

Amanda Boehm

This is a rare occasion when attending the “shotgun” wedding for the daughter of a family of bootleggers and outlaws supports a good cause. Rosewater, a musical experience of an old-time “shotgun” wedding, will be performed by Owen-based band...

What about more art downtown?

Amanda Boehm

This is a great article from the Star Tribune about a neighborhood in south Minneapolis called Whittier that has a project going to liven-up local storefronts by filling the windows with art. It’s a six-week effort to bring people to the neglected...

Sublime & Lupine

artist’s wolfish interest finds its way onto paper

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Ned Gannon describes himself as living two lives: his life working as an illustrator and art professor at the UW-Eau Claire, and the life of an artist, creating work that is often political and expresses concern for things that are devalued by...

Flying to the Gallery

Valley’s airport displays rotating selection of local art

Amanda Boehm, photos by Andrea Paulseth

For some people, waiting for a flight in an airport is about as exciting as watching five consecutive hours of C-SPAN with great-uncle Harold. Thankfully, the Chippewa Valley Regional Airport has a solution for the boredom that plagues travelers...