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Night of Gluttony

The Art Cartel organizes another outside-the-box event

Arya Roerig

The upcoming Night of Gluttony really has little to do with food. It’s more like gorging yourself on creativity.

The Deedles

Kansas band plays double shot of Halloween shows

Arya Roerig

Call it electro grass, call it grit rock; you can categorize The Deedles of Emporia, Kansas, quite a few ways. But this Halloween at The Mousetrap you can just call them Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and Lion.

The Fire House

downtown Eau Claire bar takes on new life

Arya Roerig, photos by Andrea Paulseth

“We’re trying to get a beer from every craft brewery in the state, and I think we’re getting close.” – Becky Glass, co-owner of The Fire House, which has 28 craft beers on tap

hitide. lotide.

Milwaukee transplant releases new EP

Arya Roerig

“It was so much fun, but it kind of consumed my life. It’s really a relief to have a finished product.” – hitide. lotide.

Cover Craft

House of Rock hosts as Decadent Cabaret hits year thirty-one

Arya Roerig, photos by Andrea Paulseth

After last year’s milestone 30-year anniversary, this edition of Decadent Cabaret promises just as much fun with, for the first time ever, a three-night event with Acousti-Cabaret on Thursday.

LISTEN: Cadence

young EC pop rockers record debut EP

Arya Roerig

“We were experimenting with new things and it really represents a change in our sound. It has a positive message about overcoming self-doubt that everyone can relate to.” – Hannah Connolly, lead singer of Cadence (formerly Motion Where You Go)

Mid-Life! The Crisis Musical

CVTG production explores the 'late, great hissy fit'

Arya Roerig, photos by Andrea Paulseth

"We will all be there one day," says Bob Carr, director of Mid-Life!, "Why not laugh at ourselves a little?"

New Nordic Fiction

Elk Mound’s G.R. Revelle releases sixth book

Arya Roerig

What would you expect from a Nordic fiction writer from Elk Mound?

LISTEN: The Sue Orfield Band is gonna BONK you!

eclectic Sue Orfield releases instrumental disc

Arya Roerig

“The bands I play with are usually blues, jazz, or rock. [This band] is my playground; I can experiment and try things I wouldn’t normally try.” – Sue Orfield

The Seeds of Stewardship

duo of experts start local botanical society chapter

Arya Roerig

Often, the underlying scientific aspects of our wonderful natural backyard are lost in the shuffle ...

Yam Cannon

tuber rockers release jamtastic new album

Arya Roerig

“It’s definitely the old-school San Francisco sound when we get cooking.”

Brand New Brian Bethke

new album shows different side of singer/songwriter

Arya Roerig

Listen: Local open mic champion releases full length indie folk album.

Faithful Images

church exhibition of famous Chinese watercolorist He Qi

Arya Roerig, photos by Andrea Paulseth

Most people would not think of a church for a progressive, modern art gallery.

No Sugar or Spice Here

hard rock from all-female band Kaptivating Kate

Arya Roerig

“We can rock harder than most guy bands.”