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Think Local. Buy Local.

Buy gifts locally, whether shopping in-store or
online, to help the Chippewa Valley’s
retailers, restaurants, & venues persevere
through another challenging year.

As we head into the final weeks of 2023, the Chippewa Valley is being called to do what perhaps no part of the country does better than the Midwest: look out for one another. Throughout the last few years, small businesses – and every individual – in our community have dealt with some of the most challenging circumstances imaginable, from the uncertainty of a global pandemic to the pocketbook impact of rising inflation. Rising prices have impacted everyone, particularly families and small businesses.

But the holidays are the time all of us can help each other most. We can, once again, make our support known by choosing to shop local and support our neighbors. By consciously and intentionally putting our dollars where it matters – back into our community – we have the opportunity to really support one another. If inflation causes our dollars to shrink, pumping them back into local businesses can make them multiply.

so this year …
Skip Amazon. Skip Wal-Mart.
Think Local, Buy Local, and
Support the Chippewa Valley.

We can’t afford to lose any more local restaurants, unique retailers, or other small businesses in the face of economic uncertainty – especially now. We have seen some of our Chippewa Valley favorites close their doors forever over the past few years, and we feel the loss. So let’s all take ownership of our community and support local businesses more than ever. Let’s stand with our neighbors.


“I will buy local this year.”

Make It Matter

“I will buy local this year.”

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2.  Spread the Word!

  Local businesses need your help.

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As you plan your holiday gifts and community
giving, consider the list below as inspiration,
then discuss what actions are right
for you and your family:

Get together with a friend or family member and visit local shops and restaurants in person, together. Often, the best way we can show up is by doing it together, as a community. Carpool, have in-person conversations, and make a day of it.

Check if your favorite local shops offer online or in-store pick up options. If you’re short on time or don’t want to deal with parking, there could be easy curbside, pick up, or shipping options to help with that.

Buy gift cards to your favorite shops, organizations, and restaurants, to use now or save for the future. They make great stocking stuffers.

Enjoy a fun holiday meal — where it counts: Swing by your favorite local restaurant or try out a new spot, and treat those working to give you a great meal just as well.

Support local non-profits and venues with donations and gift card purchases. Many of their events and fundraisers have had to change or have struggled to bounce back in recent years, so your investment can mean a lot.

Spread the word – for real. You have the power to make this a movement. Encourage your friends and family to do the same this year, and make the effort to support local – to support your neighbors.

and finally …

Commit to #MakeItMatter by shopping
locally as much as possible this year.

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