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Think Local. Buy Local.

Whether shopping online or
in-store, help the Chippewa Valley’s
retailers, restaurants, & venues survive
this deeply challenging year.

It’s no secret the pandemic has pushed many of our local businesses to a breaking point in 2020. With deep losses mounting, for many, this holiday season is their last chance to try and break even and survive into 2021. Thankfully, you can help make that survival possible, and you can do it safely.

Most local establishments have established rigorous safety protocols for in-store shopping, and have invested in their online shopping capabilities to offer safe and easy shop-from-home options for those who still want to support their community at this critical time.

so this year …
Skip Amazon. Skip Wal-Mart.
Think Local, Buy Local, and
Support the Chippewa Valley.

We can’t afford to lose any local restaurants, unique retailers, or important venues and non-profits. But that’s exactly what’s possible post-pandemic, if we all don’t take ownership and support local businesses more than ever before.

As you plan your holiday gifts and community
giving, consider the list below as inspiration,
then discuss what actions are right
for you and your family:

Safely visit local shops & restaurants in person. Small stores mean smaller crowds. Call ahead if you want to check on their pandemic policies.

Check if your favorite local shops offer online or call-in shopping. There could be easy curbside, in-store pick up, or shipping options.

Buy gift cards to your favorite local restaurants, to use now or to save for the future. They make great stocking stuffers.

Enjoy a fun holiday meal — order local delivery or curbside pick-up, and tip workers as much (or more) than you would dining in.

Support local non-profits and venues with donations and gift card purchases. Many of their events and fundraisers are cancelled or struggling, so your investment can mean a lot.

Spread the word. You have the power to make this a movement. Encourage your friends and family to do the same this year, and make the effort to support local.

and finally …

Commit to #MakeItMatter by shopping
locally as much as possible this year.

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