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Poll Category We Should Add Next Year

1st Place: Best Teacher/Professor
2nd Place: Biggest Rip-Off
3rd Place: Best Non-Profit

Not only do we leave the voting up to our readers, but for the last two years we’ve let you guys pick the categories, too! Last year, you told us you wanted the categories Best Volunteering Opportunity, Worst Pothole, and Best Free Entertainment Option added to our poll. Because your wish is our command, you’ll find responses to those categories on these pages. For next year, voters have asked that we add a category for Best High School Teacher/College Professor — although that sounds like two categories, come to think of it. Nearly as many of you apparently cast your skeptical eyes about and requested that we add Biggest Rip-Off to the poll. Finally, with a nod toward the profusion of helping-hand agencies in our midst, you want us to quiz the public on the Best Non-Profit. Tune in next year for the results! —Tom Giffey


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