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Worst Use of Taxpayer Dollars

1st Place: Scott Walker
2nd Place: Confluence Project
3rd Place: Brick pavers for crosswalks

Many of you would like a refund on the salary of the not-recalled Gov. Scott Walker. Sorry: Although he’s no longer a presidential candidate, he’ll be governor until at least 2019. The Confluence Project is both highly favored and bitterly disliked in many of our poll categories. When voters say the Confluence is a bad use of taxpayer dollars, does it mean they’re against the project or simply that they don’t think we should use taxpayer money on it? That’s further discussion at your next dinner party. Finally, many of our voters are still disappointed about the brick pavers used in crosswalks in the downtown and Phoenix Park areas. They see these aesthetic touches as a waste of tax dollars. —Laura Lash


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