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Best Electronic Musician(s)

1st Place: Sloslylove
2nd Place: North House
3rd Place: Two Castles

The three finalists in this category have all spent a lot of time in the Eau Claire music scene. They’re friends, they play lots of shows together, and they have even collaborated with each other on tracks before. But each artist has a completely distinctive and unmistakable style. In the No. 1 spot this year is Sloslylove, whose songs are a sci-fi take on the ’80s that feel wistful yet optimistic and are eminently danceable. In second place is North House, who is just as capable of making an understated instrumental to unwind with as he is a huge, room-shaking banger. And in third place is Two Castles, whose lo-fi beats and reverb-filled vocals add up to songs that manage to be both melancholy and catchy at the same time. —Jordan James Duroe


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