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Best Blues Band

1st Place: MOJO Blues Band
2nd Place: Howard “Guitar” Luedtke & Blue Max
3rd Place: Left Wing Bourbon

“I need me some Chip’wa Valley blues. I say I need some of that ol’ Chip’wa Valley blues.” And I get more than enough of it from MOJO Blues Band (formerly known as Mojo Lemon), which has received that “first-place mojo” every year from 2008 until now. Howard “Guitar” Luedtke is such a legend that they have a freakin’ statue of him at Dave’s Guitar in La Crosse, with a statue of his band members Blue Max soon to follow (I’m just suggestin’). Left Wing Bourbon’s music will also provide that lightning bolt of energy up and down your spine as well as your deep, deep soul. “Oh yeah, Mama.” —Rob Reid


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