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Best Hip Hop Artist

1st Place: Sayth
2nd Place: Fathom
3rd Place: Wealthy Relative

When it comes to Eau Claire hip-hop, the styles may be different, but the approach is the same: Work hard, perform hard, promote hard, and write the best music possible. This is certainly the modus operandi of this year’s returning No. 1 hip-hop artist, Sayth. Coming off a new EP and the development of a record label/art collective Lowkey Radical, Sayth has certainly had a busy year. Second place goes Eau Claire hip-hop veteran Fathom, an MC who wears his heart on his sleeve and tells it like it is — both on stage and off. He too has a new release out this year called The Heart and The Brain. Third place is another Lowkey Radical artist — Wealthy Relative — whose art-rap stylings dart from esoteric, to insightful, to funny, and then back again. —Jordan James Duroe


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