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Your Favorite Local Author

1st Place: Mike Perry
2nd Place: Neil Gaiman
3rd Place: Jason Splichal

Mike Perry was a nationally-recognized author before his latest volume of nonfiction, Visiting Tom, appeared on the New York Times bestseller list. Still, the author credits “so many readers and so much word-of-mouth” with that particular measure of success. That’s you guys: the local fan group who knows his deep baritone voice behind a podium and a guitar, who secured him at first for the fifth year in a row. Second in line is Neil Gaiman, the British-born fantasy/Americana novelist whose acclaimed works include American Gods, Stardust, and Coraline. Though a bit reclusive, the man does technically reside on a swathe of land near Menomonie (Wikipedia lists his home as “near Minneapolis”). Poet Jason Splichal lands third, having published his first book since 2005 – Flux – this year. Readers devour his poems both for their imagery and for their ability to awaken a sense of the shared human experience. – Kinzy Janssen

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