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Best Community TV Show (on CTV)

1st Place: Our Town Eau Claire
2nd Place: 48-Hour Video Project
3rd Place: Sheriff Bob documentary

A few years ago, changes in Wisconsin state legislation ended up cutting 50% of Community Televisions’s operating budget, forcing it to make dramatic changes – the station decided to concentrate more on civic programming with coverage of government meetings, candidate forums, and presentations on local issues. However, your top choice for local programing is the vintage promotional film Our Town Eau Claire, produced by a guy named Robert M. Carson in 1953. It features fun, old timey footage of a 1950s Eau Claire, complete with superficial local history and gratuitous plugs for local dry cleaners. You voted screenings of various 48-Hour Video Projects into second place, which feature local amateur moviemakers who, in the span of a weekend, shoot and edit a short film on a specified theme. In third place, you favored the three-part Sheriff Bob documentary (directed by Bill Olson) about Bob Dawson, host of the bygone WEAU children’s show “Sheriff Bob.” You can learn more about CTV and buy copies of Our Town Eau Claire and the Sheriff Bob documentary at www.cvctv.org. – Mike Paulus