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Best Local Radio Show

1st Place: McKay & Donuts (B95)
2nd Place: Wisconsin Public Radio
3rd Place: Alex & Cora (WAXX)

A new category this year, “Best Local Radio Show” is the new face of yesteryears’ “Best Local Radio Personality” category. It was our aim to open the doors for more on-air options without too much focus on the personality of the presenter. But despite these efforts, McKay & Donuts have swept the category, a recurring accomplishment considering the Hot Country B95 duo have swept the “Best Local Radio Personality” category for at least the last three years of Volume One reader polls. And while “Wisconsin Public Radio” doesn’t suggest any one show, readers may have voted for the station because of their innovative programming, including the quiz show “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me”, “To the Best of Our Knowledge”, and “Morning Edition”, among others. WAXX 104.5’s Alex & Cora scored third place. – Tyler Griggs