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Best Hiking/Biking Trail

1st Place: Eau Claire River Route
2nd Place: Chippewa River State Trail
3rd Place: Lowes Creek County Park

The Chippewa Valley is a superb place for hiking and biking, with its multitude of trails and cool nature to spy. The Eau Claire River Route is one and a half miles and goes from downtown EC to the East Side Hill, providing great views of the valley and even Banbury Place. In a close second, the Chippewa River State Trail is prime for biking, walking, running, in-line skating, cross country skiing, or snowmobiling. It goes through miles and miles of gorgeous Wisconsin landscapes. And for those of you that are looking for a more intense bike ride, check out Lowes Creek County Park trail. With its twists and turns and obstacles to take on, it will definitely test your skills. – Brianna Bryant

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