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Best Bar For Talkin'

1st Place: The Joynt
2nd Place: The Livery
3rd Place: The Fire House

In a real shocker, your favorite bar to talk at this year is the Joynt. And frankly, it is mine too. We all know the thrill of getting one of those two front tables so you can pile all your friends around and really feel like you are communing in a special place. That perfect ambience, and how it lends itself to a feeling of camaraderie is why we see this gem at the top of the list every year. The second place bar also breathes ambience with the addition of fantastic food to make it a great place to break bread together, The Livery. Lastly, beer lovers love to talk, so it is only natural that the beer paradise in Eau Claire, The Firehouse, takes third. – Scott Mofitt

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