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Best Specialty Drink

1st Place: The Grand Illusion’s Delusion
2nd Place: Cancun’s Margarita
3rd Place: Court’N House’s Bloody Mary

It’s no surprise that the sugary, blue and pink concoction known as the Delusion takes first again this year. Does it taste like peach? Like pineapple? Whatever it is, it’s a whole lotta something because you can have some pretty wild nights on your way to filling up your punchcard. Cancun’s Margaritas take second, with all that tasty tequila goodness. Not to mention, how aren’t you supposed to have fun with those oversized glasses? In third, keeping it tame – and mildly breakfasty – Court N’House’s bloody mary is a feast, with all sorts of dressing to bring out that perfect amount of spice and, of course, a beer chaser of your choosing. – Thom Fountain

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