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Best Beverage Selection

1st Place: The Firehouse
2nd Place: The Livery
3rd Place: Stella Blues

Last year, newcomer tavern The Eau Claire Fire House roared into the first place with their constantly rotating armada of craft beer offerings, conveniently listed on a huge chalkboard over the bar, listed by brewhouse, style, and alcohol content. Apparently, that momentum hasn’t died, as the Fire House gathered significantly more votes than all of the other 2012 reader suggestions combined. In the past year, the bar has expanded its selection to 40 taps, boasting the widest range of brew styles available in the area. Two other downtown Eau Claire locations rounded out the top three, with restaurant/bars The Livery and Stella Blues getting props for their well-curated menu of taps and specialty drinks, offering spectacular pairings with each eatery’s popular food items. – Mike Paulus

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