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Best Band Name

1st Place: Bon Iver
2nd Place: Sassy Magoo
3rd Place: Cat’s Ass

Break out the Bon Bons! Having cleaned up at the Grammies with Best New Artist and Best Alternative Album, it’s only right that local class act Bon Iver pick up Best Band Name as well. Mystique surrounds the foreign name, but a true Eau Clairian knows that Bon Iver translates to a misspelled “Good Winter” in French. And knows that it’s a band, not a person. In the top three for the second year in a row, rock and cover band Sassy Magoo takes the second cake for their cleverly crafted, Seussian title. In third place, bringing up the rear, is Cat’s Ass. The image of a furry feline derriere rockin’ and rollin’ has Chippewa Valley voters all in up-rawr. – Marni Kaldjan

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