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Best Locally Produced Foodstuff

1st Place: Silver Spring Foods mustards
2nd Place: Chip Magnet Salsa
3rd Place: Water Street Deli’s hummus

With our abundance of farmland and farmers markets nearby, we’re beyond lucky to have all kinds of locally produced food options available to us. Silver Spring Foods was founded in Eau Claire in 1929, and for four generations of family ownership it’s been cranking out some of the best specialty horseradishes, mustards, and sauces you can find. Second-place Chip Magnet Salsa began out of a home kitchen in Eau Claire in 2011; they focus on providing delicious, GMO-free salsas, relishes, jams, and jellies to the Midwest and use organically grown produce whenever possible. While Silver Spring and Chip Magnet maintained their rankings from last year’s poll, Water Street Deli’s hummus is a new victor. Seeing as how this delightful Mediterranean specialty is made from scratch, it’s no surprise to see it on this list. Side note: Don’t leave without picking up some house-made pita chips, too! –Lindsey Quinnies

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