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Favorite Local Celebrity

1st Place: Justin Vernon
2nd Place: The Gordy’s Guru (Matt Selvig)
3rd Place: Mike McKay

While there are many qualified candidates for Favorite Local Celebrity, it comes to no one’s surprise that Justin Vernon won this category, as he has for five of the past six years. The Grammy-winning frontman of Bon Iver is involved in a seemingly endless series of musical projects (one of which, Volcano Choir, came out with an acclaimed album in the past year), plus he’s known around his hometown as an overall cool dude. Coming in second is the always-lovable Gordy’s Guru (secret identity: Matt Selvig), who makes sure to continue updating you about the best deals Gordy’s County Market has to offer. Lastly, but certainly not least importantly, we find Hot Country B95 personality Mike McKay, half of the morning duo McKay and Donuts, who has been waking up the Chippewa Valley for the past 18 years! –Luke Hoppe

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