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Favorite Local News Writer

1st Place: Eric Lindquist
2nd Place: Tom Giffey
3rd Place: Julian Emerson

There are few things more reliable in the Chippewa Valley than watching the Packers, drinking a Leinie’s and seeing Julian Emerson, Tom Giffey, and Eric Lindquist in the “Favorite Local News Writer” category, where they have kept popping up in various combinations since 2007. Here they are again, all three this time, with the Leader-Telegram’s “Off Beat” Lindquist winning a narrow three-way race over Volume One’s Giffey and the L-T’s Emerson. Seriously, with these three churning out the fascinating, in-depth stuff we’ve seen over the last year, one can say the Valley is a place where the written journalistic medium is alive and well. –Luc Anthony

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