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Best Sledding Hill

1st Place: Pinehurst Park
2nd Place: Seven Bumps/Forest Hill
3rd Place: Oakwood Hills Park

With the encroachment of another winter, it’s reassuring that Pinehurst Park will be there to offers thrills and spills through the coming cold, snowy months. For the last five years the Chippewa Valley has decided that this hill is the best – and it will only get better as volunteers continue to add features to the snow and bike park. Likewise, Seven Bumps has remained a faithful fixture in the childhood (and adulthood) memories of many, and despite the adjacent cemetery and the Dante-esque name, there is nothing to fear other than roaring downward speed. Sledding and a cup of hot chocolate at Oakwood Hills Park can greatly increase the emotional fortitude of the common mall shopper during the intense Christmas present frenzy. If you find yourself planning a shopping excursion, bring your snow gear and sleds and experience this heartwarming hill. –Caleb Gerdes

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