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Best Local Idea That Worked Last Year

1st Place: Renovation of the old Ramada
2nd Place: Pinehurst Project
3rd Place: Woo’s Pagoda salvage effort

As a community focused on progress and our future, there are many projects happening all around us that are exciting and should prove to help our community grow closer to being the best it can be. The project (already in progress) that our voters are most excited about is happening right in the middle of downtown Eau Claire. The winner of the Best Project in Progress in the Last Year award goes to the makeover of the old Ramada, spearheaded by Zach Halmstad of JAMF Software/Pablo Properties. The silver medal goes to the Pinehurst Project, which continues to overhaul Pinehurst Park into a snowy, hilly recreational paradise. And, the bronze goes to the volunteer effort to salvage the pagoda Woo’s Pagoda as the building’s demolition became imminent. –Ed Hudgins

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