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Things The Chippewa Valley Is Bad At

1st Place: Attracting good-paying jobs
2nd Place: Snow removal
3rd Place: Road maintenance

Maybe if the Valley would put on a suit once in a while and shave, it would be able to attract a good-paying job. Or so some believe. But maybe the Valley is doing fine making minimum wage. Maybe the Valley likes staying home at night and drinking alone! Furthermore, the Chippewa Valley would be a lot better place if it just stopped snowing on Dec. 26. The Valley has tried to show Mother Nature what it expects, but she hasn’t gotten the point apparently. It may be time for us to put away hope and plow ahead – literally – by removing all the snow. On a similar note, poll voters say we’re failing at road maintenance. What roads? Oh, you’re talking about the pieces of pavement between the holes, right? –Caleb Gerdes

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