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Things The Chippewa Valley Is Good At

1st Place: Farmers Markets
2nd Place: Drinking
3rd Place: Complaining about there not being a Trader Joe’s

Geez, guys. Way to turn a perfectly nice, positive category into a joke. You know there’s a category called Best Standup Comedian? Maybe y’all should try to go place in that one. Kidding! We’re all having fun. The Chippewa Valley is actually really good at farmers markets with a handful a week in Phoenix Park in Eau Claire and the amazing growth of the market in Menomonie. Now in terms of drinking, I personally think this is something to proud of. Bars on every corner, 20 on a block, beer festivals, wine-tastings … we really do have it all. Let’s celebrate. How do we celebrate? Let’s drink! Now, let’s talk about Trader Joe’s. It’s great! Sure! But you know what else is great? Just Local Food! Weaver’s Country Store! Farmer’s Markets (wink)! Listen to me: having Trader Joe’s might be amazing, but what we have is pretty amazing too. So let’s not worry about it! That’s all I’m saying. –Eric Christenson

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