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Most Bizarre Local News Story

1st Place: Eau Claire police help family of ducks cross the road
2nd Place: USDA, parks workers capture geese in Eau Claire
3rd Place: Bear at Olive Garden

The Eau Claire Police Department captured the hearts of sentimental birds across the nation in May when one of its finest determined that the lives of the city’s ducklings were too important to leave to chance. Dashcam footage of Officer Kevin Putzy helping a family of ducks cross the road went viral and has been watched more than 2.5 million times. In other fowl news, the goose poop hit the fan one to many times and the city’s parks department called in their buds from U.S. Department of Agriculture to capture the geese responsible for defecating in our beautiful parks. The roundup in Carson and Riverview parks drew criticism from some residents because the geese were euthanized. And finally, apparently the “Bear Necessities” Baloo taught to Mowgli didn’t include directions to Buffalo Wild Wings. In June, a black bear wandered around the Olive Garden parking lot for a bit, then without looking both ways, ran across the street, obviously frustrated at Mowgli’s lack of communication. –Caleb Gerdes