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Your Favorite Local Elected Official

1st Place: Kathleen Vinehout
2nd Place: Catherine Emmanuelle
3rd Place: Terry Moulton (tie)
3rd Place: Kerry Kincaid (tie)

Few things get the blood a-pumpin’ like politics and politicians. Even though there will always be debates between liberals and conservatives, we can all appreciate when we get the feeling that an elected official actually cares about his or her constituents. According to your votes, for the second year in a row more of you see state Sen. Kathleen Vinehout in that light than any other local elected official. Coming in second, close on her heels, was Eau Claire City Councilwoman Catherine Emmanuelle. And tied for third place were state Sen. Terry Moulton and Eau Claire City Council President Kerry Kincaid. –Ed Hudgins

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