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Best Restaurant For Late-night Noshing

1st Place: Toppers Pizza
2nd Place: Perkins
3rd Place: Applebees

What makes food-goers associate a restaurant with late night social gatherings? It takes something special. Whether you’ve just closed down your favorite bar, or you’re stuck doing some late night studying, Toppers Pizza is the Valley’s number one after hours go-to. Delivering fan favorites to you, wherever you are, any night of the week until 3 a.m. is a serious prospect. Perkins finds its way to the best late-nighter list as a comforting destination for dining at an unusual hour. Where else in town can you find a steaming plate of crispy hashbrowns at 4 am? Applebee’s half-off apps and taps make it the third place option for late-night grub. Starting at 9pm, the Neighborhood Grill and Bar sure is homey and delicious. –Zack Katz

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