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Best Coffee

1st Place: Caribou Coffee
2nd Place: Racy D’lene’s Coffee Lounge
3rd Place: Starbucks

This poll category featured a heated fight to the finish, and the antlered bean came out on top by a mere two votes! The victory could be attributed to the vast quantities consumed, or more likely to a well-brewed cup of joe at Caribou Coffee (four Eau Claire locations). Coming in as a close second, Racy D’Lene’s Coffee Lounge (404 Riverside Ave., Eau Claire) and its signature blend has made its mark on the coffee connoisseurs of the Chippewa Valley. Wherever your vote landed, you’ll still find the coffee hot and welcoming. Finally, the international coffee shop of choice is not a close third by chance. The Starbucks Coffee (three Chippewa Valley locations) practice of maintaining fresh beans in house has been noted for its success throughout the world, and now it has also been praised in the Chippewa Valley. –Caleb Gerdes

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