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Best Asian Food

1st Place: Shanghai Bistro
2nd Place: Egg Roll Plus
3rd Place: Singha Thai Cuisine

There are certainly some fantastic options in our area to get your quality Asian cuisine fix. First up is Shanghai Bistro, where you can enjoy jazz music by some of the Valley’s most accomplished players while scarfing down sushi rolls and specialty Saki cocktails. It makes for one heck of a relaxing, delicious time. Holding down second place is Egg Roll Plus, a somewhat hidden downtown Eau Claire shop that indeed serves delicious egg rolls and spring rolls, but also hefty (we mean hefty) portions of familiar as well as more obscure dishes (just gonna quickly shout out their papaya salad). Then Singha Thai Cuisine, formerly Pad Thai, has been a mainstay on this list for years, a deserved longevity with the fantastic, unique eats to back it up. –Eric Christenson

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