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Best Restaurant For Upscale Dining

1st Place: Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse
2nd Place: Mona Lisa’s Restaurant
3rd Place: Picahna Brazilian Steakhouse

Johnny’s Italian Steakhouse (4751 Owen Ayres Court, Eau Claire) has claimed its first top spot award in the Best Restaurant for Upscale Dining category this year. The restaurants win snaps Mona Lisa’s Restaurant’s (428 Water St., Eau Claire) five-year reign in the driver’s seat. The steakhouse oozes just as much class as it does steak juice (it also features six different menus. What!). Make sure to give it a try. Mona Lisa’s, instead, takes the number two spot this year, claiming their eighth category appearance. And make sure to check out Picahna Brazilian Steakhouse if you haven’t. It offers 12 different steaks and chops along with a true fine dining experience. –Steve Fruehauf

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