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Best Bar DJ

1st Place: Joel at Scooters
2nd Place: Jamie Browning at Scooters
3rd Place: Micah at The Pickle

DJ-ing is hard, man. Have you ever tried to start a dance party? Ugh, without the right atmosphere and coinciding grooves you’ll never get any Dancin’ Joe with a song in his heart shakin’ it on the floor for everyone to see. Luckily, we have places with experts who excel at cranking tunes and getting the dancefloor hopping. Snagging the top two spots this year are Joel and Jamie, both from Scooters. Scooters also nabbed the Best Place for Dancing category this year, so if for whatever reason you love dancing and you haven’t been to Scooters, please with all due respect, do not sleep on that life experience. Joel or Jamie will take you for a bass-thumping, fist-pumping, jump-jumping ride all the way to whatever the opposite of that town from Footloose is. Grabbing third place is Micah at The Pickle, Water Street’s most notorious college bar. If you’re looking to get down, but also get turnt up, The Pickle’s your spot and Micah’s your man. –Eric Christenson

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