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Best Breakfast Spot

1st Place: Altoona Family Restaurant
2nd Place: The Nucleus
3rd Place: Randy’s Family Restaurant

Hungover or not, every place needs a quality breakfast spot to get your tummy full and your body re-energized. Luckily, here in the Valley, there’s no shortage of excellent breakfast spots, but according to readers, none match up to Altoona Family Restaurant, and I tend to agree. The coffee’s spot-on and frequently filled, the hilltop atmosphere is calm and inviting, and the scramblers … mmm … the scramblers, you guys! I’m currently wracking my brain wondering if there’s anything better than every breakfast food mashed together in a hot bowl, and I’m inclined to think there isn’t. Get your fix if you can get a table. Coming in a hot second is The Nucleus, Water Street’s buzzing, hip, weekends-only, brunch place. Unbeatable (literally) coffee paired with a fresh crêpe or spicy omelette makes for a lovely morning, trust me. Then lastly, it’s hard to beat the home-style comfort food of Randy’s Family Restaurant, placing in this category regularly for years and years. Maybe this weekend, we can try all three? I’m in if you are. –Eric Christenson

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